Zoho Inventory


How to create an invoice?

​To create a new invoice: - you can do so in 3 ways.

Method 1: From the Invoices module:

You can create a new invoice by clicking on the quick create (+) icon near the Invoices module on the side bar or by clicking on the +New button on the right top corner inside the Invoices module.

Invoice creation buttons

Method 2: From Sales order:

Navigate to the Sales Order that you wish to be invoiced. * Click on the Create button on the top of the page. * Select the Invoice option from the drop down. * You can also create invoices by clicking on the Invoices tab of the Sales Orders page and choose the option called New Invoice.

A new invoice creation form will open up for entering the details for creating a new invoice

Image of new invoice page - top half

image of the bottom of the invoice creation page

Method 3: From Contacts:

You can raise an invoice for a customer from the contacts module as well.

To do so: