Recurring Billing

We make it incredibly easy to handle your daily recurring billing tasks. Automation is key. Right from billing and charging your customers, adjusting customer's prorated amounts to informing them of a card failure - Zoho Subscriptions does them all for you. Learn More

Recurring Billing - Zoho Subscriptions

Subscription Management

Managing customer subscriptions is a piece of cake with Zoho Subscriptions! Instantly apply add-ons and discount coupons, ​group invoices of multiple subscriptions and issue refunds with a single click of the mouse. Let Zoho Subscriptions handle the upgrades, downgrades, refunds and even one time transactions for you. Learn More

Subscription Management - Zoho Subscriptions

Subscription Metrics

Get more than a bird's eye ​view. Get instant and real time insights into how your business is performing.​Subscriptions metrics are presented in easy to understand charts. Slice and dice the data and make informed decisions to see your business grow. Learn More

Subscription Metrics - Monthly Recurring Revenue - Zoho Subscriptions

Subscription Finance

Capture all the transactions related to customer subscriptions in Zoho’s online accounting software, Zoho Books. Zoho Subscriptions comes pre-integrated with Zoho Books, to help you understand subscription finance. Learn More

Manage subscription finance using Zoho Books and Zoho Subscriptions integration.

Payment Gateways

Our integration with Razorpay enables Indian customers to accept online payments through credit/debit cards, netbankings and mobile wallets. Learn More

Payment Gateways - Recurring Payments - Zoho Subscriptions


Integrate Zoho Subscriptions with any application easily. Our developer friendly hosted pages, web hooks and APIs are designed for least possible coding effort.

Webhooks, APIs and Hosted Pages - Zoho Subscriptions

Simple yet powerful APIs

Our APIs are RESTful and extremely robust. We provide simple and predictable end points which makes it easy for you to connect, develop and test your app.

Events and Webhooks

Connect your application with Zoho Subscriptions through Webhooks easily. Events in Zoho Subscriptions helps you stay up to date on every event that takes place through webhooks.

Hosted Pages

Embed our PCI compliant hosted pages to securely collect customer’s card information.