How can I allocate the excess payment amount in a challan to other employees?

To allocate the excess payment amount from a challan to other employees in Zoho Payroll, follow these steps:

  • Go to Taxes and Forms on the left sidebar and click TDS Liabilities.
  • Click Record Challan.
  • Enter the amount you’ve paid for this liability.
  • Click + Add Interest if you’ve failed to deduct TDS for this liability or to pay whole or part of the tax to the Government after deducting, if any.
  • Click + Add Penalties for any delay in TDS Return filing.
  • Enter the Challan Number, BSR Code (Branch Code) of the challan and the date on which you paid the amount.
  • Select Auto-allocate Employees if you want Zoho Payroll to automatically associate the payment amount of this challan to the TDS Liabilities of all employees for this month.

Note: The auto-allocate feature will be available only if the payment amount exceeds the liability amount.

If you’ve integrated with Zoho Books, select the Paid Through Account.

  • Unselect Auto allocate Employees if you want to manually associate the payment amount of this challan to the TDS Liabilities of all the employees.
  • Click Save.

Insight: You can associate unused challans by clicking the ‘Associate’ button. These are challans that have amounts that have not been fully associated.

To associate the payment amount to the employees manually:

Select the employee and enter the amount you want to associate. You can view the balance TDS under this field.

  • Click Associate.
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