How does the approval process work in Zoho Payroll?

In Zoho Payroll, the approval process involves reviewing and approving various types of requests from employees, including reimbursement claims, proof of investments (POIs), and salary revisions.

Here’s how the approval process works for each type:

Reimbursements Approval

  • Employees submit reimbursement claims through the employee portal.
  • Employers review the claims in the Approvals module.
  • Employers can approve or reject individual claims.
  • Approved amounts are paid to employees in the next month’s pay run.

Proof of Investments (POI) Approval

  • Employees submit proofs for investments disclosed in their IT Declaration.
  • Employers review the submitted POIs in the “Approvals” module.
  • Employers can approve or reject individual line items within POIs.
  • Approved investment amounts are applied to employees’ Income Tax calculations.

Salary Revisions Approval

  • Salary revisions made in the Employees module appear in the “Salary Revisions” section of the Approvals module.
  • Employers review and approve or reject salary revision details.
  • Salary revisions go through an approval process to ensure accurate payroll and tax calculations for employees.
  • Employers can also approve or reject multiple salary revisions in bulk.
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