How to Submit Reimbursement Claims in Zoho Payroll

  • Reimbursement claims can be raised only during the reimbursement period enabled by your employer
  • You have to submit the reimbursement bills to your employer for tax exemption
  • You can submit reimbursement claims on the go using our mobile app

Steps to follow

  • Click the Reimbursements tab
  • Under the reimbursements tab, you will find the following sections:
    • Eligible summary - This section lists all the reimbursement categories for which you can apply reimbursement claims. You also get a summary of the eligible and unpaid reimbursement amounts.
    • Year-to-date Summary - This section will summarise the reimbursement amount that you are eligible for, claimed, approved and more, on a yearly basis.
    • All claims - This section categorises the reimbursement claims that you have submitted along with the approved or rejected status.

For applying a new claim

  • From the reimbursements tab, select Create New Claim that is present in the top right corner of the window.
  • Select the date indicating the month for which you want to submit the reimbursement claim.
  • Select the reimbursement category under the reimbursement type drop down.
  • Choose the bill date when the reimbursement expense was incurred. Ideally it should be within the current financial year.
  • Enter the bill number and the bill amount for the selected reimbursement type.
  • If you have captured all the bill amount, click Send for Approval.
  • If you still have outstanding bill amount left to be captured, click Save as Draft.

Note: Identical reimbursement types are grouped together in a single claim and displayed under the claims details page.

Withdrawing submitted claims

If you feel that you have captured the wrong amount and submitted it for approval, and if the claim is not yet approved by the payroll admin, you can withdraw the submitted claim. The withdrawn claim will have a distinct status named Recalled. You can then edit the recalled claim, make new changes to it, and submit it for approval again.

Deleting reimbursement claims

If you have submitted reimbursement claims by mistake, and if your payroll admin has not approved or rejected the claim yet, you can withdraw the submitted claim and then delete it. Once a reimbursement record is deleted, you can only create a new claim and apply for reimbursements.

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