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HR and payroll

Streamlining HR processes with payroll software for Indian businesses

Article4 minutes25 views
Payroll administration

How Zoho Payroll simplifies the payroll process

Blog4 minutes52 views
Industry trends and insights

6 things to look out for before outsourcing your payroll

Blog3 minutes36 views
Taxes and compliance

What is an Income Tax Return (ITR)? How to file an ITR online?

Guide11 minutes253 views
Taxes and compliance

Which ITR form should you file? ITR forms for FY 2023-2024

Article9 minutes141 views
Taxes and compliance

Employees' State Insurance (ESI) meaning, contribution & benefits

Article7 minutes982 views
Payroll operations

Why software is better than spreadsheets for payroll

Blog5 minutes163 views
Payroll operations

What is cloud payroll? Benefits of cloud payroll software

Guide5 minutes656 views
Taxes and compliance

Professional tax in India: a definitive guide

Guide6 minutes661 views
Taxes and compliance

4 ways Zoho Payroll simplifies LWF process

Blog3 minutes150 views
Taxes and compliance

Provident fund: essential steps for businesses

Infographic1 minute136 views
Accounting and payroll

Beginner's guide to payroll accounting in India

Guide7 minutes425 views
Accounting and payroll

Streamlining payroll from processing to accounting

Webinar113 views
Taxes and compliance

Guide on the new industrial relations code, 2020

Guide5 minutes3.3K views
Taxes and compliance

ESI: registration, payment, & return filing

Guide5 minutes1.8K views
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