Zoho Inventory


Online Payment Gateway integrations

  1. What are the prerequisites needed to integrate with payment gateways?
  2. How do I configure online payment gateways in Zoho Inventory?
  3. Which currency should I choose while setting up Braintree for Zoho Inventory?


  1. What is the per transaction fee?
  2. Are international credit cards supported?
  3. What currencies does Razorpay support in Zoho Inventory?
  4. What are the payment modes supported by Razorpay?
  5. How do I get my Razorpay API credentials?
  6. Does Razorpay offer sandbox environment?
  7. How do I refund a payment?
  8. Whom should I contact when I get a query in Razorpay? Zoho Inventory or Razorpay?
  9. Is Razorpay PCI compliant?
  10. Can I receive payments without activating my account?
  11. What are the countries that Razorpay supports?
  12. Are international credit cards supported in Razorpay?
  13. Why should I configure webhooks for Razorpay?