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How to create a Shipping Bill in Zoho Inventory?

Enabling Shipping bill:
In order to create a shipping bill in Zoho Inventory you will have to enable Do you want to enable overseas trading under GST settings. Follow the below mentioned steps to get started.

  • Click the Gear icon(Settings) and select Taxes.
  • Select GST Settings.
  • Check the Do you want to enable overseas trading option for Overseas Trading.
  • Select an account to track overseas trading.
  • Click Save.

Note: If you haven’t configured GST settings in Zoho Inventory, click here to know more.

To create a shipping bill, follow the below mentioned steps:

Note: Shipping bill can be generated only for customers who are in SEZ or overseas.

  • Go to Invoices on the side bar.
  • Select the invoice for which you wish to create a shipping bill.
  • Click the More button and select Create Shipping Bill from the drop-down.

shipping bill option image

  • In the following shipping bill creation page, enter the details of the shipping bill, custom duty charges and other additional charges that you incurred for that transaction.
  • Click on Save to proceed.

new shipping bill

  • Under the Shipping Bill section, you can find the associated shipping bill number for the invoice.

shipping bill details