Last updated on 20 September, 2018

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GSTR-11 - The GST return that contains the details of inward supplies for organizations with an UIN.

What is the GSTR-11?

The Goods and Services Tax Return 11 is a document/statement that has to be filed by every registered organization/person who are given an Unique Identification Number (UIN) only during the months they purchase items for their own consumption while also getting tax credit/refund on their purchases.

Dates associated with the GSTR-11


Contents of the GSTR-11

  1. UIN – If you are an embassy or a diplomatic body then you will be given an Unique Identification Number(UIN) under the GST. This section is used to contain your UIN.
  2. Name of the Government Entity – This section will contain the name of the entity that’s filing this return.
  3. Period – Specify the period for which you are filing the return.
  4. Details of Purchases made for consumption or use – Here, you can record the details of purchases/inward supplies from GST registered suppliers (this will be auto-populated based on the GSTR-1 return filed by these suppliers). Based on this data, you will receive refund on the taxes you have paid on these purchases.
  5. Verification – Upon providing all the details, the taxpayer with UIN has to sign the GSTR-11 return in-order to authenticate this return. This can be done using a digital signature certificate (DSC) or an Aadhar based signature verification system.

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