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Keng Swee Tan

Singapore - VMom Pte Ltd.
For a person with zero accounting knowledge, Zoho Books was very easy for me. I did not require any kind of demo or training to get started and your customer support has been phenomenal.

Company Name

VMom Pte Ltd.


Print Media

Why Keng Swee Tan loves Zoho Books

  • Cost effective
  • One-click migration from Zoho Invoice

Features Keng Swee Tan likes the most

To start with, tell us about your business, your clientele and business size?

I am into print media business and started this venture a couple of years back. I have wide experience in online print media business in Singapore which was also my previous venture. We have a varied clientele ranging from banks on the one end to integrated resorts on the other. And our office is pretty much a small outfit with 7 employees.

How did you discover Zoho Books?.

I have been using Zoho Books for over a period of 2 months. Before switching to Zoho Books, I used Zoho Invoice for all my invoicing needs. "I preferred Zoho Invoice over any other invoicing software due to my familiarity with this great invoicing tool".

When I came to know Zoho also offers accounting software for small businesses, I wanted to move to Zoho Books because I felt it would really help me for my accounting and bookkeeping needs. I eventually decided to switch over and used the one-click migration to migrate my data from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Books which was really an easy process.?

Share your experiences in using other Zoho products?

As I stated earlier I have been using Zoho Invoice for a while for my invoicing needs, I also have experience using Zoho CRM for some time now. I find Zoho CRM to be very intuitive and more responsive.

At this juncture, I also want to point out the cost-effectiveness of Zoho products. One best example I can give is it just costed few thousand Singaporean dollars for Zoho CRM installation and setup for my nice little business when compared to SalesForce which was quoting around SGD $50,000 for the similar kind of setup for my business.

Did you use any other software prior to Zoho Books for invoicing?

No, ever since I founded VMom Pte Ltd I have been using only Zoho products for all my invoicing needs.

How Zoho Books helps your business?

Zoho Books helped to streamline and simplify the invoicing process. For my business, I make use of invoices, quotes and delivery orders. And for delivery orders, I use Zoho Books custom templates. The templates that Zoho Books offers are unique and I don't find this feature in most of the accounting software that are in the market. Needless to say, this really helps my business a lot and I save plenty of time. I also wish to expedite most of the Zoho Books features down the line, as they have got nice accounting and bookkeeping features out there.

What else you enjoy doing apart from your routine business work?

I love running in the morning hours and would love spending time with the family whenever i have spare time.

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