A seamless way to receive payments online

The Zoho Finance suite has teamed up with Authorize.Net, a leading online payments solution with multiple payment methods that lets your customers pay their way.

Payments with Possibilities

Manage your payments online and stay on top of your finance game with the Authorize.Net platform's integration with Zoho's finance suite.

Automatic recurring billing

With Zoho and Authorize.Net, automate the process of invoicing and get paid on time.

Multiple payment options

Your customers can pay by credit card, or they can pay you via direct debit with ACH transfers.

Safe and secure

We’re PCI DSS compliant, which means your customer payments are safely handled and your data is always secure.

Easy accounting

Track customer payments and reconcile them easily in Zoho Books.

The integration between Zoho and Authorize.Net has saved us a great deal of time by making our processes more scalable. Since it's the preferred payment mode for 90% of our customers, we get paid faster, giving them the option to pay at their convenience, ultimately resulting in better customer service.
(Licensing Manager, ViWO Inc)

Integrate Authorize.Net with Zoho now and watch the magic unfold!

Your questions answered

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    How do I sign up for Authorize.Net?

    Authorize.Net allows you to sign up using an online application form. Follow this link to sign up for Authorize.Net

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    Which debit/credit cards are supported?

    Authorize.Net supports all the major cards such as Visa/Master/AMEX/Discover/Diner's club/JCB

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    What are the countries in which Authorize.Net is supported?

    Authorize.Net is supported for businesses registered in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Canada.

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    Is Authorize.Net PCI compliant?

    Authorize.Net is secure and PCI compliant. Learn more about Authorize.Net's security policies.

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    What are the pricing options available?

    Authorize.Net has different pricing plans according to countries. You can check your country's available plans at Authorize.Net's pricing page.

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    I already have a Authorize.Net account. How do I configure it in Zoho Books?

    It only takes a few simple steps to integrate your Authorize.Net account with Zoho Books. Visit our help guide here to see how it's done.

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    Does Zoho charge the customer for using ACH payments?

    Zoho does not charge the customer for the transactions, but Authorize.Net does charge a certain % for each transaction.

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    What are the currencies supported by Authorize.Net?

    The currencies supported are USD,CAD,EUR,GBP,AUD and ACH option is available only for USD.

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    What are the pre-requisites to set up the auto charge option in Zoho Books?

    To use Authorize.Net with auto charge, CIM needs to be enabled in your Authorize.Net account. Visit our help guide to learn more.

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