Google Docs

Use in Google Docs

Draft your email right from the document you're working on. No more switching tabs.

Zoho CRM

Attach from Zoho CRM

Merge fields instantly from Zoho CRM Leads or Contacts modules.


Use spreadsheet data

Fetch data using column headings from Google Sheets and worksheets.

Pull from Drive

Pull from Drive

Choose from any email templates or documents in your Google Drive account.



Schedule ahead

Schedule ahead

Run your mail merge now or set it for later. Schedule multiple mail merges and the rest happens automatically.

Attach as PDF

Attach as PDF

Quickly send a personalized email as a downloadable PDF. Type out the body without having to go to your email client.

100 emails at once

100 emails at once

Need to send appraisals or interview call letters quickly? Send them to up to 100 recipients in one go and save time and effort.



Intuitive dashboard

View all the key metrics for a campaign in a single space to make your campaign planning easier.

Get detailed reports

See how many emails were sent and opened, and much more, by clicking on the recipient's email address.

Organize your campaigns

Revisit reports at any time to start planning the next campaign or group message.


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