Zoho on CNET

General | August 12, 2006 | 1 min read

Zoho’s been noticed by atleast 3 authors at CNET recently. Elsa Wenzel has a very good review of Zoho Writer. From her review :

Zoho packs most of the functions along the top of the document pane, with familiar graphical icons, such as a disk that you click to save a file. We like the bottom icons that display the document’s tags and sharing status. You can also keep multiple Zoho files open at the same time, which ThinkFree doesn’t allow. By default, Zoho Writer organizes your open documents within tabs, which we prefer over the way Google Writely beta pops up a new browser window for each document.

And her summary :

The good: Zoho Writer beta is free and works in any Web browser; easy-to-learn interface; lets you collaborate with other users; exports to Word, PDF, and other file formats; posts to blogs; tags documents by topic; Zoho offers a complete productivity suite.

The bad: Zoho Writer requires Internet access; lacks advanced editing features; doesn’t import or export WordPerfect files; operational quirks.

The bottom line: If you enjoy steady Internet access, Zoho Writer beta offers intuitive controls and can replace Microsoft Word for basic editing and formatting, if you can tolerate its beta glitches.

Thanks Elsa. Zoho Writer is still rapidly evolving & the issues you mentioned should get addressed soon.

Rafe Needleman starts one of his Alpha Blog posts with, “I’m a fan of Web-based applications, such as Writely and Zoho Writer“. We are glad to have you as a fan of Zoho, Rafe 🙂

And in an article titled Best sites for students, Julie Wildhaber mentions Zoho as one of the sites in the online applications category.