Zoho Data Centers in Europe

General | July 29, 2016 | 1 min read

We are pleased to announce the opening of two data centers in Europe — one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and another in Dublin, Ireland. With our new data centers, all the information that our European customers trust us with will be stored securely within the borders of the continent. This would also mean faster access times for our European customers.

We are also excited to debut the launch of our European website www.zoho.eu. Powered by our new data centers, zoho.eu will cater to our rapidly-expanding customer base in Europe, and all Zoho products will be available with prices listed in Euros. This makes payments easier for our European customers and also protects them from fluctuating exchange rates.

With the completion of our new data centers and the zoho.eu launch, we continue to build on the trust that our European customers have placed in us.

  1. Patrick G

    Hi, if you are using Zoho Mail and you are in Europe, will your emails be stored on the European server? Or is it possible to request it be stationed there? How is the server location determined?

    I ask out of interest for data security which for unencrypted emails is particularly vulnerable when transmitted across the atlantic, as I understand it.


    • Arvind

      Patrick: If you are in Europe, you will be accessing https://www.zoho.eu. Data of all Zoho accounts created in zoho.eu will be in the European data centers.

  2. Pierre Vassal

    Really appreciated decision.
    Btw, does data are located only in EU or are they also replicated in the US ?

  3. asd

    How about GDPR?

  4. Ken

    This is good, but it doesn’t answer all compliance issues:
    How can I be sure that you will not sell (or even give) my data to a third party?
    Is it possible for me to delete my data from your site?

  5. Knut Flock

    Appreciated, hope there will be an easy way to transfer accounts from zoho.com to zoho.eu. Anyway, thanks for a great service..:o)

  6. Miron Matecki - Partner in Poland

    That is good news for Zoho Customers and Zoho Partners in Europe 🙂 Good job Zoho