When does Zoho Writer get Wonky?

General | May 8, 2006 | 1 min read

Many people put Zoho Writer to several uses. I use it, among other things, to share movie scripts with my equally film-obsessed friends.  Unlike your normal documents, film scripts are unusally long. With a minimum of 10000 words, they may go upto 30000 words. Using Zoho Writer to edit and share them is a hard test for Zoho Writer’s performance, especially when testing with a turtle speed of 256 kbps, albeit DSL internet. (Yeah well, if it works with the barest minimum requirements, it will work in better environments, right? 🙂 ). Performance is gauged by the response time. (or atleast that’s what users look for)

So while doing the above mentioned test, the following observations were made: Editing, including any copy-paste function took less than five seconds. Saving the entire document (of around 10000 words) took around twelve seconds. Timing the response isn’t a difficult thing to do. For Firefox users, the Fasterfox plug-in will measure the response time before an action is completed. Try for yourself and see! And do let us know.