New OSes Vs Web-based Programs

General | December 13, 2006 | 1 min read

Stephen H. Wildstrom at BusinessWeek has a good article on how web-based programs will be a big story in 2007. He writes how they will make news along with the new OS releases scheduled for 2007, Vista & Leopard.

For the past quarter-century, there has been a trend toward ever more complex software running on ever more powerful computers. In 2006, Web-based programs that can run on less powerful computers and simpler software began to emerge as serious contenders. In place of Microsoft Office, we may soon see people adopting productivity suites from Google (GOOG), startup Zoho, and others—at least for use in homes and schools.

Web programs need only a browser to work. The more popular they get, the less relevant Vista and Leopard, with all their fancy new bells and whistles, become. And because the new Web programs are all based on industry standards, even the choice of a browser is less important.

Though there are a lot many web-based applications available, we consider it our honor that Stephen chose Zoho as the example along with Google alone (Microsoft Office Live is mentioned elsewhere in the article). Thanks, Stephen!