Zoho Office Integrates with Google Drive

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Recently we have seen our friends at Google open up their SDK for Google Drive letting third parties integrate their apps into Google Drive. We excitedly pounced on it and we are now thrilled to announce that Zoho Office is now integrated with Google Drive.

What does this mean? To start with, Google users can now open their documents using Zoho’s Writer, Sheet & Show – our word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications. Of course, this integration is not just for viewing your files using Zoho’s apps, but you can also edit your documents and save them back to Google Drive. Better yet, you can also create new documents using Zoho’s editors and save those documents in Google Drive…all without needing to create a Zoho account.

But wait…it gets better. You can even collaboratively work on documents with other Google users, inside the Zoho editors. As all your documents are saved in Google Drive, you have the inherent advantages of Google Drive where your files are automatically synchronized between your various devices.

Taking advantage of all this goodness is actually pretty straightforward. Users just need to install Zoho apps from the Google Chrome Webstore.

Once installed, get over to your Google Drive and click on “Manage Apps” in Google Drive settings menu and check the box next to “Make [App Name] the default for files it can open”. This enables users to access Zoho apps with just a click from Google Drive. In the contextual menu of each document, users will see options to open the document with the respective Zoho editors. Of course, if you prefer to use Google’s editors, that is also possible. Just that you have an additional option with this integration.

If you are trying to create a new document in Google Drive, choose ‘New’ option and you’ll find Zoho Apps under the ‘More’ option. You can edit an existing document by just right clicking on it and choosing the Zoho app.

When you save, the modified document will be saved in Google Drive as a new document, thereby leaving the original document untouched. This new document comes with extensions recognized by Zoho’s apps. For example, a text document, BusinessProposal.doc, from Google Drive, when edited in Zoho Writer and saved, will be saved as BusinessProposal.zdoc in Google Drive. Similarly the extensions for Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show are .zsheet and .zslides respectively.

Collaboration is also simple. You can invite your Google contacts to collaborate on their Google Drive documents and edit them using Zoho editors in real time.  Based on the permissions, you will be allowed to access the document for collaboration.

If you have the Google Drive app installed on the Mac or the PC, you will also be able to access Zoho documents right from the desktop.

To get started, do take a look at the presentation that explains this integration,

We hope you like this integration.  We are excited to bring our powerful Office suite to Google Drive, complementing Google’s applications. As always, we look forward to hear your feedback, questions. We are all ears!!

Update: Our friends at Google gave us an opportunity to share our technical experience about the Zoho Office – Google Drive integration in Google developer blogs. You can take a look at it to know how the integration started, what are all the technologies used behind the scenes etc.,

Announcing Zoho Docs – Google Chromebook integration

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When Google launched the Cr-48 Chrome notebooks, they invited Zoho to be a part of its pilot program. We even gave away Cr-48 notebooks to some of you. We do hope that you have been putting your Cr-48s to good use and have been getting the most out of cloud computing :)

Today, the first commercial Chromebooks have started shipping in the U.S. Those of you who missed out on the pilot program can get your own Chromebook now.

Here’s how Zoho is a part of this launch. If you had followed the Day 2 Keynote at Google I/O you might have noticed that Google’s Chrome operating system now includes some major updates and newer features. The most notable among them is the addition of a file manager. The file manager is a very simple one and looks a lot like the file manager systems in Windows or Mac.

We’ve come up with a Chrome extension, that allows users to upload and view their documents in Zoho Docs. This applies not only to the downloaded files, but users can also upload files from their pen drives to Zoho Docs. As you know, we do let users login to Zoho with your Google credentials which means you try this extension with your Google credentials.

You can learn more about this extension from this page. As always we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve any questions please post it here. We’re all ears!

Thanks to Google team for their wonderful API and documentation which has made this extension possible!!

Announcing: Zoho Creator for Google Apps

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Over the last month, we have been releasing a Zoho Service for Google Apps Marketplace each week. This week we present to you, another Zoho service that adds great value to your business & which helps you build customized business applications – Zoho Creator. Today with the launch of the 11th Zoho Service for Google Apps Marketplace, Zoho takes the honor of being the largest software provider in Google Apps Marketplace.

 Zoho Creator is a web-based platform, that helps users build business applications for their specific needs and workflows. Users can build a wide range of custom applications for each department of their business. Zoho Creator has 4 new enhancements for Google Apps Users.

Universal Navigation:

Once Zoho Creator is installed in any Google Apps domain, users can access it right from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.

Google Apps Users Field:

Users in a Google Apps domain, can be added as one of the fields in Zoho Creator forms. This field provides a choice between the username and the email id to be displayed in the form.

Email data:

Google Apps users can now add data to Zoho Creator forms by emailing the details to a custom google e-mail id. 

Upload from Google Docs:

Google Apps users can upload documents into their applications from their Google Docs account.


Google Apps domain admins can share their application with the users in their domain or with their Google Apps user groups.

This video provides the users a fair idea of what to expect from Zoho Creator for Google Apps Marketplace. 


And for users who haven’t used Zoho Creator so far, this video will give you an overview of the product,

To get started, take a look at this presentation.


We’re completing the series with this launch. We promise to keep adding more services to Google Apps Marketplace and add more features to all of our existing services. A big thank you goes out to everyone who continue to support us. Thanks are also in order for the Google team who have supported us right through these releases.

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps

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Following the success of

Zoho Reports


 in Google Apps marketplace, we’re happy to present to you ”

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps
” this week. Zoho Meeting, the easiest way to host web meetings instantly, is now available in Google Apps marketplace.


Zoho Meeting
, you can meet with your team members, clients and partners from around the world. Not just for one-on-one meetings, you can also provide remote support and even have multiple participants for a meeting.

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps brings you:

  1. SSO

    : Install Zoho Meeting in your account and access the service from Google’s universal navigation bar.

  2. Users/Contacts

    : All users in your Google Apps domain can be invited to a meeting.

  3. Calendar

    : You can mark your Google Calendar with the meeting appointments that you set up using Zoho Meeting.

To understand more about Zoho Meeting for Google Apps, do take a look at the below video.

And this presentation –

We promised 5 more apps, one each week.

4 of them are in
 and 1 more to go. What’s it going to be next week? Take a guess :-)

Announcing: Zoho Wiki for Google Apps

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Last week we introduced

Zoho Reports for Google Apps marketplace
and it got an encouraging response. Thank you all for the installs, comments and the emails. Continuing our unveiling of 5 Zoho apps for Google Apps marketplace, we’re very pleased to present to you our app for this week –

Zoho Wiki for Google Apps



Zoho Wiki
, you can easily create online workspaces for content sharing within a group. Create personal / public / private team wikis and start collaborating with your project teams, clients & partners across the globe. No special technical knowledge is required to set up the wiki and you can get started within minutes.


Zoho Wiki – Google Apps Integration:


Zoho Wiki has several

integration points with Google products. Here are some highlights:

  • Single Sign On (SSO):

    Domain admins for Google Apps can add Zoho Wiki to their domain through

    Shop the marketplace
     link in Google Apps. Once Zoho Wiki app is
    added to the domain, all the users in that domain will have access to
    the service through Google’s Universal Navigation bar.

    Click on the app from the universal navigation bar to open Zoho Wiki in
    a new browser tab. The single sign on lets the users directly login

    to Zoho Wiki, thereby streamlining the workflow for both Google Apps and Zoho Wiki.

  • Attach Google Docs in Zoho Wiki:

    Zoho Wiki integrates with Google Docs as well. You can add more value
    to the wiki page by attaching the relevant Google Document(s) to the page.

  • Share the wiki to your Google Apps users:

    Sharing your Zoho Wiki with other Google Apps users is a breeze, thanks
    to the tighter integration between Zoho Wiki and Google Apps. You can create targeted workspaces for knowledge sharing, e.g., organizations can create
    different workspaces for each team or project.  Each workspace acts as
    an independent and fully customizable portal. Once you have created
    your workspace, you can invite all the stakeholders too. It doesn’t
    stop with sharing, you can assign permissions for users as to who can
    edit the document, who can just view and who can comment.

  • Google Gadgets integration:

    Zoho Wiki also allows you to personalize the dashboard page with Google
    gadgets. You can make your content a lot more interesting by adding
    widgets like,

    • Google Translate
    • Google Photos
    • Your favorite iGoogle gadgets
    • Google Analytics code to track website statistics
    • Google Custom Search option


much more

Take a look at this Zoho Show slideshow to know more about the integration.

Do give

Zoho Wiki for Google Apps
 a spin and let us know your feedback. We’ll meet you next Tuesday with yet another app for the Google Apps Marketplace. Till then, adios :)

Introducing ‘Zoho Reports for Google Apps’

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Google Apps marketplace celebrated its

first anniversary
last week. And at Zoho, we have had much fun putting our services out there for the past one year. It all started with Zoho CRM and we now have 5 Zoho apps in Google Apps Marketplace. In keeping with the

promise we made last week
, we’re kick starting the unveiling of 5 more Zoho apps for Google Apps marketplace today! The star of today’s announcement is Zoho Reports.

Zoho Reports
is now available for users in Google Apps marketplace.

Zoho Reports is a powerful online reporting and business intelligence service that helps users get new insights on their business information. One can easily create and share powerful reports and dashboards in minutes with no professional help.

Zoho Reports – Google Apps integration points

Zoho Reports has several integration points with Google products. Here are some highlights:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)


    If you’re a domain admin for Google Apps, you’ll now have an option to add Zoho Reports to your domain through

    Shop the marketplace
    link in Google Apps. Once the app gets added to the domain, all the users within the domain will have access to Zoho Reports through Google’s Universal Navigation bar.

    Clicking on the app from the universal navigation bar opens Zoho Reports in a new browser tab. The single sign on lets the users to directly login into Zoho Reports, thereby streamlining the workflow for both Google Apps and Zoho Reports.

  • Import Google Spreadsheets into Zoho Reports for analysis and reporting


    Zoho Reports integrates with Google Docs too. Google Apps users will now be able to analyze the data in their Google spreadsheets using the powerful reporting and analysis features in Zoho Reports.

  • Share the reports to your Google Contacts/Org users


    The users can then go on to share the reports & dashboards created in Zoho Reports to their Google Apps domain users or Google Contacts.

  • Publish Zoho Reports gadget


    And what’s more, it is possible to publish the reports & dashboard you create into iGoogle too.

While the points above summarize the integration in a nutshell, do take a look at the video and the Zoho Show slideshow below that explain this integration in detail between Zoho Reports and Google Apps.

Try Zoho Reports for Google Apps now from Google Apps Marketplace. We love your feedback, keep it coming!
Our special thanks to the Google Apps team for staying with us right through this integration!

To learn more about Zoho Reports for Google Apps, check out http://www.zoho.com/reports/zoho-reports-for-google-apps.html and for our existing Zoho – Google Apps integrations, check out

. And don’t forget to mark your calendars – there are four more Zoho apps on their way to Google Apps marketplace. Stay tuned till next Tuesday :)

Import Google Docs into Zoho’s Productivity Suite

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Last year we’d integrated Google Docs with our popular business apps Zoho CRM, Projects etc., Our users loved this new initiative and came up with some excellent suggestions on further enhancements. The most popular requests was to provide an option to import their documents from Google docs into our productivity apps.

We’re happy to announce that you can now import your documents, excel sheets, presentations from Google Docs into Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show.

Zoho Sheet has been supporting spreadsheets with 1 million cells for quite sometime now. So if your spreadsheet at Google docs is that big you can import it into Zoho Sheet and get on with editing it.

Here is the comparison view of a sample 2 MB spreadsheet in Google Docs and Zoho Sheet:

If you’re a Google user and would like to try out Zoho, you can sign in with your Google Credentials and import your existing Google documents.

As always we value your feedback and if you’ve any questions please post it here. We’re all ears!