Lead Generation Forms

Collect leads effortlessly with attractive online forms made on our robust form maker. Optimize your lead conversion process by using our lead generation templates.

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Create forms from scratch or from any of our lead capture form templates. Use our pre-designed themes or design custom themes to create visually appealing forms. Embed them onto websites, share via social media, or publish them publicly.

Check out our lead generation form templates below designed just for you.

Zoho Forms Contact form template
Zoho Forms Client Details form template
Zoho Forms Newsletter Subscription form template
Zoho Forms Course Application form template
Zoho Forms Event Registration form template
Zoho Forms Patient Admission form template
Zoho Forms Job Application form template
Zoho Forms Library Registration form template
Zoho Forms Volunteer Registration form template


Seamlessly integrated with the right tools, lead conversion is a definite win with Zoho Forms.

  • Capture leads and save related data onto spreadsheets.
  • Add form respondents as contacts in your mailing lists.
  • Push leads into respective CRM modules.


Engage leads effectively to convert them into customers with our reliable online form builder.

  • Pull data into form fields from your CRM.
  • Send interesting, personalized email campaigns.
  • Engage website visitors through live chat after they fill out the website-embedded forms.

Zoho Forms for Mobile

With our mobile forms apps for iOS and Android, create contact forms, enquiry forms, registration forms or any kind of lead generation forms, all from your phone.

Experience flawless lead generation with Zoho Forms.

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