Email notifications for forms.

Send personalized emails to your respondents, get notified when a form is submitted, and let your team know about the tasks assigned to them automatically.

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Instant email notifications.

Receive an email alert with every form submission to ensure none of your business opportunities fall through the cracks. Set conditions to send these emails directly to the right team member and simplify your workflows.

Receive email alerts

Reinforce interest with a personalized follow-up.

Send emails that speak directly to the audience. By delivering information tailored to the answers on the form, you'll create content that is valuable to your respondents. Make a good first impression and set the tone for future communication.

More than just a welcome message.

Make confirmation emails more useful. Attach a PDF copy of the form response, documents, and include a link that lets people edit or update their responses. With this official paper trail, you can use forms to collect important or sensitive information.

Send attachments

Get your whole team on the same page.

Keep your entire team informed about the submissions you receive. Add your colleagues as approvers, and assign tasks to them. Receive email alerts when tasks are completed to stay informed, wherever you are.