Conquer any calculation with Calculation fields

Let the calculation fields in Zoho Forms simplify complex calculations for you. Use these fields in order forms, registration and charity forms, online test forms, and more, to calculate payment amounts, test scores, and other aggregates without any margin for human error.

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Simplify complex calculations with formulae

Use the formula field to configure formulae and automate calculations within your form. The multilevel formula field ensures fast and accurate calculations using form inputs and the conditions configured by you, the user. You can set up these formulae to calculate the final payment amount on your order forms for a quick and easy checkout.

Calculated Form Fields
Calculation Form

Perform calculations using conditional formula

Configure formulae to perform advanced calculations based on form inputs and conditional logic. You can create a multilevel set of conditions based on your requirements using the conditional formula option, and automate all calculations in your forms. Conditional formula can even be configured in subforms.

Create the perfect order form

You can use calculation supporting fields to create the perfect form for orders, hotel booking, registration, and more. Use the subform to add multiple variations of your product listing. Configure formulae and conditional logic to calculate the value of products and services listed in the subforms, to be included in the final checkout process. Set your preferred currency with the help of the Currency field and validate payment processing using the Terms and Conditions and Signature fields. Finally, complete your order form using the Payment field and integrated payment gateways for a secure checkout.

Calculation Forms