Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started​

  • What is Zoho Flow?

    Zoho Flow is an integration platform that lets you create customized workflows across cloud applications. You can connect your apps together to automate data transfer between them. To learn more, refer our help documentation.

  • How do I create a Zoho account?

    Sign up for Zoho here using your email address. You can also access using your Google or LinkedIn account.

  • I already have a Zoho account. Do I need to create a separate account for Zoho Flow?

    No, you don't. You can access all our services with a single sign up. Set up your organization on Zoho Flow to start automating.

  • What should I do if I don't receive a verification email?

    You may have entered an incorrect email address or the verification email might have been filtered into spam or trash. You can try checking all of the folders in your mail in addition to verifying that you have entered the correct email address.

  • What apps can I connect on Zoho Flow?

    Zoho Flow supports a number of Zoho and third party applications. View the entire list of apps here.

Flow and functionality

  • What is a Flow?

    A Flow is a workflow created to link different cloud applications together to automate data transfer. An event triggers the Flow and causes actions in other apps. A Flow can have one trigger and multiple actions. For example, when a new ticket is received on Zoho Desk, the Flow can check the customer details in Zoho CRM and add a new lead if it’s not already there. Here, receiving the ticket acts as a trigger to this workflow, and creating or updating a lead in CRM is an action.

  • Can I have multiple triggers and actions in my Flow?

    A Flow can have one trigger and multiple actions that are independent of one another. The actions will be executed sequentially.

  • What happens to my data if the Flow is deleted?

    When a Flow is deleted, the workflow stops and no further updates will occur. However, data updated in the other apps when the Flow was live will remain.

  • Can I sync data between two apps?

    Zoho Flow can't sync data between two apps. As an alternative, you can create two Flows, one the reverse of another with filters. However, be cautious of creating a Flow loop.

  • Can Zoho Flow work with data available before Flow was created?

    No, past data cannot be used to trigger a workflow.

Apps and Connections

  • What is a trigger?

    Trigger is the event that initiates Flow execution.

    App Trigger: Triggers when an event occurs in an app. For example, when you receive a support ticket on Zoho Desk, a lead is created in your CRM. Here receiving the ticket is the triggering event.

    Schedule Trigger: Triggers a one-time or recurring Flow, on your customized schedule.

  • What is an action?

    An action is a task executed by the workflow as a result of a trigger. For example, when you receive a support ticket, checking the email address or number in your CRM and adding it as a lead is an action.

  • What do I do if I have reached the maximum limit for authtoken for a Zoho app?

    This happens when you reach the active authtoken limit for a Zoho app. Go to your Zoho Accounts page and delete the unused authtokens for that specific app. You can now generate a new authtoken.

Administration and collaboration

  • Can I be a part of more than one Flow organization?

    Yes, you can create an organization of your own and also be a part of multiple other organizations owned by others.

  • How many members can I add to my organization?

    You can add as many members as you want to an organization. If your organization is a part of Zoho One, then the member limit will depend on your Zoho One plan.

  • Can I exit an organization?

    Yes. In Manage Organizations, you will find the list of organizations you belong to. Click Leave Organization to make your request. Once the owner approves, you will no longer be a part of the organization.

  • What do I do if my invitation to a Zoho Flow organization expires?

    Contact the admin/owner of the organization to receive your invitation again.

  • Can I share my Flows?

    No, you cannot share Flows. If you wish to give someone access to a Flow, you can invite them to be a part of your organization.

Data Privacy

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes, we adhere to a strict privacy policy when handling your data. You can choose to deny access to your data anytime.

  • Will you store my credentials/data?

    Your credentials will be encrypted and stored in our database, so you don't have to enter them each time. When you delete your account connection, all associated data will be erased from Zoho Flow. Data updates made in other apps when the connection was active will not be affected.

  • Can anyone in my organization access my data if I have created an app connection?

    The connections you create will be private by default. You can share your connections in Settings > Connections to allow all members of your organization to create, update, and view data in your account.


  • What do I do if my tasks for the month are exhausted?

    You can purchase an add-on or upgrade your plan. Check our pricing page for more details.