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7 useful workflows for managing your social media

  • Last Updated : November 11, 2023
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Automate social media workflows

Social media is no longer just an important aspect of marketing—it's a medium through which businesses build brands, engage customers, and provide support, among many other applications. Your social media management app is now expected to go beyond just scheduling posts. It has to actively interact with other applications you use every day, in order to build workflows that save time and effort. 

While your social media management app may support integration with some vendors, it might not support integration with the apps you specifically use for your business. However, when you use an integration platform like Zoho Flow, you will find that you'll be able to connect your social media app to hundreds of other SaaS apps from a variety of vendors. So more options open up for building custom workflows to automate key processes. 

Here are some useful workflows you can create with your social media management app: 

1) Get social media notifications in your team chat 

If your customers ask you specific questions on social media, or if your brand gets mentioned in a conversation, you’ll want to respond only after discussing it with your team. With this workflow, all required team members will know when your handle gets mentioned and what the context is, right on your team chat app. You can configure the workflow so that every time a mention of your social media handle is recorded in your social media management app, it's displayed on the specific channel in your team chat app. 

2) Automatically schedule new YouTube videos 

After you post a video on YouTube, you'll also want to share it on social media so that your followers are aware of it. Instead of doing it manually, you can create a workflow on your integration application such that every time a new video is uploaded on your YouTube channel, it goes directly into your social media management application’s publishing queue. 

3) Log new posts as events on your calendar 

When you’re conducting a campaign in which you’re expecting a lot of activity on your new posts, you'll have to treat those posts as events. Managing responses and follow-up activities can take up a lot of time and effort, so it’s always good to free up your calendar on the days you’re going to be publishing those posts. 

On these occasions, you can create a workflow where every new post that's scheduled on your social media management app is logged as an event on your calendar. This workflow can be switched off and on depending on the campaign you’re running. 

4) Automatically schedule new Wordpress posts 

After you publish a new blog post, you'll probably want to share it on your social media handles for maximum visibility. However, instead of manually sharing the URL on each social media account, you can create a workflow so that, as soon as the post is published on WordPress, it ends up in the scheduling queue of your social media management app, where it can be shared on all of your social media handles. 

5) Schedule new posts from your note-taking app 

It's possible to schedule new posts without opening another app. With this workflow, you can schedule new posts right from your note-taking app. When you create a new note, it will automatically get scheduled on your social media management application. 

6) Create a task for every scheduled post 

When you’re going to be making posts that require a lot of follow-up activity, you'll want to track it in your task management app, so that all associated tasks are followed through to completion. You can create a workflow that creates a task in your task management application every time a new post is scheduled on your social media management app. 

7) Schedule posts directly from form submissions 

Whether you’re collecting customer testimonials and want to publish them on your handle or are looking to schedule content directly from form submissions, this workflow will come in handy. Every time there’s a new form submission received in your online forms app, you can create a workflow that schedules the response on your social media management app’s publishing queue. 

While these are just some of the common workflows you can configure to automate essential processes, you can create custom workflows with a variety of apps if you use an integration application. If you’d like to set up these workflows for your business, or would like to know more about how Zoho Flow can help in building your SaaS ecosystem, please write to us at support@zohoflow.com.

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