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9 useful workflows for automating your project management

  • Last Updated : November 11, 2023
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Automate project managment workflows

Your project management app is where all your team's tasks are tracked, and where the necessary conversation and collaboration happens to get work done. With remote work gaining more and more traction, a project management app becomes essential in breaking down what needs to be done into specific projects, with every team member having their own role. 

In this article, we'll go through some workflows that can be automated, so that manual processes associated with project management can be substantially streamlined. Automating workflows is especially practical for the modern workplace, which often uses a variety of SaaS apps to manage its processes. 

You can implement these workflows by using an integration application like Zoho Flow to connect the apps you use every day with your project management apps. 

1) Get notifications for new tasks or updates in your chat app 

Learn about new tasks, or any other update that happens in your project management app, immediately, right from your chat app. This way you get a quick picture of what's going on, without having to log in to your project management app just to check for updates. You can configure a workflow so that every time an event triggers on your project management app, a notification is displayed in your chat app. 

2) Invoice clients when a project is completed 

Whenever a project is completed, you'll need to invoice the client. But with this workflow, you won't have to do it manually. Every time a project is marked as completed in your project management app, you can configure your invoicing app to email the respective client for you. 

3) Track new incidents automatically 

When an incident is reported in your incident management application, you'll want to find out why it happened and what needs to be done, so that it doesn't happen in the future. You can do this by tracking every incident as a bug in your project management application. In your integration management system, you can create a workflow so that every time an incident is reported in your incident management system, it's automatically added as a task in your project management app. 

4) Create a task from new form entries 

Forms are incredibly versatile—they're used to collect all kinds of different information from customers, leads, and even employees inside an organization, among many other use cases. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you want to work on every response to a form. In those cases, you can save a lot of manual labor by automatically creating a task in your project management app for every form entry. You can do this by setting up a workflow so that every time a response is received in your forms app, a task is created in your project management app for that response. 

5) Add tagged tickets as bugs in your help desk 

When you're on a customer ticket and you find that it was raised due to a bug, you don't have to open your project management app just to add the ticket. Instead, you can create a workflow where all you need to do is tag the ticket as a bug, and it's automatically recorded for you in your project management app. 

6) Export tasks to a spreadsheet 

Say you want to have a spreadsheet containing all completed tasks. Adding them manually takes a lot of time, and you need to be careful to not add the wrong task. However, when you're using an integration platform, you can create a workflow so that every time a task is marked as completed, it's automatically copied to the desired spreadsheet. 

7) Add to-dos as tasks in your project management app 

You might want to track certain tasks concerning projects in your personal to-do app, in order to keep your observations separate from the project management app you're collaborating with your team on. For this situation, you can create a workflow so that every time you add a task to your to-do app, it's also added to your project management app.

8) Track and collaborate on your calendar events 

Whenever an event is scheduled on your calendar, you might want to discuss the details of the event with your team and brainstorm ideas. In these instances, you can create a workflow in your integration platform so that every time an event is added to your calendar, a respective task is automatically created on your project management app.

9) Create a project when a deal is made on your CRM 

Use this workflow to automate the process of creating a project for clients with whom you've made a deal. In your integration platform, you can set up a workflow such that whenever a deal is recorded in your CRM, a corresponding project is created in your project management app. 

While these workflows are some of the common ones, you can always use an integration platform to customize your workflows with the apps you use to manage your many operations. If you need any help in setting up automated processes for your business, please reach out to support@zohoflow.com.


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