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Store new BigTime invoices in a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Add the transaction details of new sales authorized in Dear Inventory to Zoho Sheet via MadKudo

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Create rows in Zoho Sheet for Eventbrite attendees

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Log new FreeAgent invoices in Zoho Sheet

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Log new Lime Go negative call registration in Zoho Sheet

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Add new receipt in Loyverse to a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Store contacts in Zoho Sheet when a page hit is registered in Mautic

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Store new transactions in ProcessOut in a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Add SurveyLegend survey responses to a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Store details of completed TeamGrid projects in a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Store new ZipBooks invoices in a Zoho Sheets spreadsheet

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Copy Zoho Backstage attendees to a spreadsheet in Zoho Sheet

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Create Zoho Sheet rows for new expenses in Zoho Books

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Create rows in Zoho Sheet for closed Zoho CRM deals

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Verify an address via Lob for new entries recorded in Zoho Forms, and add them to a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Log new Zoho Form entries in Zoho Sheets

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Create a new project in Frame.io for new rows added to a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Create subscribers in Mailchimp from Zoho Sheet rows

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Create new shipments in shipcloud for new rows in a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Create tasks in Zoho Projects for new worksheets in Zoho Sheet

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Update a task in Zoho Projects based on an update in a Zoho Sheets spreadsheet

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Post messages in Zoho Cliq for updated Zoho Sheet

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Popular integrations

  • BigTime


    BigTime is online time and billing software. You can manage resource allocation, track the status of tasks, and customize invoices to suit your needs. Category : Scheduling, Proposals & Invoices
  • DEAR Inventory

    DEAR Inventory

    DEAR Inventory is inventory management software that helps you manage your inventory, purchases, sales, suppliers, and customers in one easy-to-use system. Category : Inventory Management
  • MadKudu


    MadKudu is an actionable lead scoring platform for marketing ops teams looking to create frictionless B2B customer journeys. Category : Contacts
  • Eventbrite


    Eventbrite is an event management tool that lets you find events nearby and create your own events. You can offer multiple ticket types, send emails to your event attendees, provide discounts, and accept payments directly on Eventbrite. Category : Event Management, Popular
  • FreeAgent


    FreeAgent is online accounting software that lets you keep track of your income and expenses. You can link bank accounts, generate sales tax reports, and manage timesheet reports efficiently. Category : Accounting
  • Lime Go

    Lime Go

    Lime Go is a sales tool that helps you keep track of your contacts and collect important information including documents, notes, probability, and history, about your deals. Category : Marketing Automation
  • Loyverse


    Loyverse is a POS application designed for small businesses. It lets you process transactions, keep records of inventory and sales and more. Category : New, Accounting
  • Mautic


    Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that helps marketers personalize their communication and deliver the right message at the right time. Category : Marketing Automation
  • ProcessOut


    ProcessOut helps you smartly route your transactions to increase your international authorization rate and lower your processing fees Category : Payment Processing
  • SurveyLegend


    SurveyLegend is a cloud-based survey solution for individuals and businesses. It enables users to create mobile-friendly surveys, manage survey questionnaires and more. Category : Surveys
  • TeamGrid


    TeamGrid is a project management solution that provides intuitive drag and drop time tracking, integrated telephony and more. Category : Project Management
  • ZipBooks


    ZipBooks is free accounting software that sends invoices, tracks time and expenses, integrates with your bank, and lets you process credit cards. Category : Accounting
  • Zoho Backstage

    Zoho Backstage

    Zoho Backstage is an enterprise event management tool that lets you design event websites, manage registrations, promote events, and connect with attendees efficiently. Category : Event Management, Zoho
  • Zoho Books

    Zoho Books

    Zoho Books is online accounting software to manage your accounting, inventory and to file your GST returns. You can manage your contacts, set up rules to categorize banking transactions, make informed decisions based on accurate reports, and keep track of every expense. Category : Zoho, Accounting
  • Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM is an on-demand customer relationship management application. You can customize your workflows and information, predict sales with detailed reports, and even monitor trends on social media to discover leads. Category : Zoho, Sales Automation, CRM
  • Zoho Forms

    Zoho Forms

    Zoho Forms is a form builder solution that helps you create, share, and collect data through forms for all your business needs. You can also create custom data reports, configure email notifications, assign tasks and approvals to your team mates, and personalize your customer follow-up process. Category : Zoho, Forms
  • Lob


    Lob provides APIs for address verification and print & mail. You can programatically send personalized postcards, maintain an accurate customer database, and track metrics in real time. Category : Printing
  • Frame.io


    Frame.io is a video review and collaboration platform that provides fast reviewing, version management, advanced search filters and more. Category : Team Collaboration
  • Mailchimp


    Mailchimp is a marketing automation tool that lets you find and really connect with your audience. You can personalize emails, find prospective customers on social media, and analyze your performance using dashboard insights. Category :
  • Shipcloud


    Shipcloud is a cloud based shipping platform that connects retailers to carriers and provides automated international shipping and tracking. Category : Shipment Tracking, Ecommerce
  • Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects is online project management software that helps you efficiently collaborate with your teams. You can create projects and tasks, set milestones, file issues, and keep track of everything from one place. Category : Project Management, Zoho
  • Zoho Cliq

    Zoho Cliq

    Zoho Cliq is business communication software for team chat and collaboration. You can share files, create events, and make unlimited audio and video calls with absolute privacy. Category : Zoho, Team Collaboration, Team Chat

Zoho Sheet supports following triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Row created or updated - Workdrive

Triggers when a row is created or updated in a spreadsheet stored in Zoho Workdrive

Row created

Triggers when a new row is added at the bottom of the selected worksheet

Row created - Workdrive

Triggers when a new row is created in a spreadsheet stored in Zoho Workdrive

Spreadsheet created

Triggers when a new spreadsheet is created

Worksheet created

Triggers when a new worksheet is created in the selected spreadsheet

Row created or updated

Triggers when a row is added or updated in the selected worksheet

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All Actions - Action are the automated tasks

Create spreadsheet

Creates a new spreadsheet

Create row

Creates a new row in the selected worksheet

Create row - Workdrive

Creates a row in a spreadsheet stored in Zoho Workdrive

Create worksheet

Creates a new worksheet in the selected spreadsheet

Update row - Workdrive

Updates a row in a spreadsheet stored in Zoho Workdrive

Update row

Updates a specified row in the selected worksheet

Delete row

Deletes the specified row in a worksheet

Delete row - Workdrive

Deletes a row in a spreadsheet stored in Zoho Workdrive

Fetch row - Workdrive

Fetches a row from a spreadsheet stored in Zoho Workdrive

Fetch row

Fetches a row by column value

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What is Zoho Sheet?

Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create, share, collaborate, and publish spreadsheets from anywhere. You can control access to your sheets, change language preferences, and add visuals to represent your data better.

Categories : Zoho, Spreadsheets

What is Zoho Flow?

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. Automate complex business workflows within minutes. Set a trigger, add actions, use Delays and Decisions to create your entire workflow on an easy to use builder.

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