Master Liveaboards uses Zoho Flow to streamline contract signing and feedback survey processes

The company

Master Liveaboards is a top-tier diving company that offers exhilarating diving experiences in some of the most exciting destinations worldwide. With the latest and safest diving vessels, they own around ten boats across the world, but mainly operate in Phuket, Thailand.

Let's take a look at some of the ways they've improved their processes using Zoho Flow:

Streamlining the contract signing process

Master Liveaboards required storing and transferring a huge amount of data consistently, as they used multiple software applications and needed a seamless flow of data between them. For example, when a sales agent signed a contract with a customer, they had to create records in their desktop application manually, and then back up the data in Google Sheets. Further, they had to check whether the customer is new or existing based on their backed-up data, and get in touch with the customer. This process took a long time, as they had to enter data in multiple applications and get in touch with different people.

Also, manually transferring data of such volume regularly took a huge amount of time and effort, and sometimes led to errors. While they would often integrate the necessary applications to eliminate manual data transfer by writing code, it would take immense time. Since their requirements were also getting complex, writing code for all their integration requirements was also not possible.

Creating documents and sending them for signatures now happens in seconds

Master Liveaboards switched to Zoho Desk for their customer service requirements, and with their knowledge of the Zoho ecosystem, management suggested that their technical engineer, Toto, explore Zoho Flow.

Using Zoho Flow meant they could transfer data instantly across multiple platforms without having to write any code. This made things much easier for them. Their trouble with getting documents signed and sending them back and forth was over after the introduction of Zoho Flow. They created a flow involving Zoho Sign, Google Sheets, and Zoho Desk, and also used custom functions to simplify certain complexities in the process. This flow triggers when a sales agent signs a contract through Zoho Sign with the customer. The details of the contract will automatically be stored in a Google Sheet and a new ticket will be raised in Zoho Desk, letting the customer support team connect with the customer.

This whole process happens in real time. Once the document is signed through Zoho Sign, every other step is automated, taking out all the mundane and repetitive tasks in the process. The time involved in getting the document to the support team, creating a new ticket, and the effort involved in manually entering the data in Google Sheets is all saved now with the presence of an integration platform.

Automating the feedback survey workflow

When they discovered Zoho Flow, it opened up many possibilities for them. They started to see how automation could help them in most of their processes, letting them get things done in real time. Another huge problem they faced was getting feedback from their customers, which was also a hectic and time-consuming process.

Being a company that sells holiday experiences, surveys and feedback were essential for Master Liveaboards. They had to collect this data through a paper feedback form and it went through multiple steps before they could get in touch with the customer and talk about their experience. While manually doing all these processes was tiring and mundane, writing code to integrate the required applications was time-consuming. Collecting feedback involved providing paper feedback forms to the customers, and creating tickets on Zoho Desk to contact the customer based on their response.

Paperless feedback surveys processed in real time

After Zoho Flow came into the picture, it changed the whole dynamics of the feedback process for Master Liveaboards. They were able to make their whole feedback survey process paperless, and get things done in real time.

"With Zoho Flow, we've transformed our feedback process. Automating the creation of tickets in Zoho Desk based on responses from our feedback forms has significantly improved our customer support. The integration with Google Sheets and Zoho Campaigns has also streamlined our communication and marketing efforts. " - Toto, Technical Engineer, Master Liveaboards

They created a flow that starts with their feedback forms on Zoho Survey automatically creating a ticket on Zoho Desk, helping their support team reach out to relevant customers. The custom functions involved in the flow help them filter out only the positive feedback to reach out to. Once that's done, the feedback forms are automatically uploaded to a Google Sheet, and based on the customer response for a newsletter subscription, the customers are added as subscribers in a Zoho Campaigns list.

Further, the data on the Google Sheet is automatically uploaded to Zoho Analytics through an integration. With this whole workflow automation and multiple integrations in place, they're now able to eliminate the time taken in collecting feedback manually, and are on the way to going paperless. With this integration, they can get real-time results for actions that used to take them weeks.

Creating even more integrations

They also integrated Google Sheets with Zoho Sign, which sends a Zoho Sign document to a sales agent or a customer when triggered by the entry of customer details on a Google Sheet. Similarly, they've integrated Slack with Zoho People to ensure that leave records are created promptly on messages sent through Slack.

While these are just a few examples, Master Liveaboards use around 20 different flows that integrate Zoho Desk, Google Sheets, Zoho Campaign, Zoho Survey, Google Drive, Zoho People, Slack, and, Zoho Sign to make their workflow more streamlined and automated. Zoho Flow's workflow automation has completely changed the way they work, letting them save more time and effort.

"Zoho Flow has revolutionized our integration process, allowing us to transfer data seamlessly across multiple platforms without the need for coding. It has eliminated tedious and time-consuming tasks, making our workflow more efficient and saving us valuable time and effort. Zoho Flow is a game-changer for us, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their business processes." - Toto, Technical Engineer, Master Liveaboards

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