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Receive Gmail emails for new reviews in CollectReviews

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Send Gmail emails for new files in Egnyte

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Notify via Gmail when a new guest checks in via EventMaker

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Schedule an email in Gmail for G Suite with a GIF on Giphy

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Add jobs to Orchestly from new emails in a specific Gmail folder

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Send alerts through Allmysms for starred Gmail messages

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Create Contactually contacts for new emails in Gmail

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Create events in Google Calendar for new emails from a specific email address in Gmail

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Create Hive messages from new emails in Gmail

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Create tasks in MeisterTask for new Gmail emails from a specific sender

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Send Slack channel messages for new Gmail messages

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Create Zoho Campaigns subscribers from starred emails in Gmail

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Create Zoho Campaigns subscribers from starred emails in Gmail

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Create Zoho Notebook cards for starred emails in Gmail

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Send Gmail emails for new Google Calendar events

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Send an email notification via Gmail for G Suite to newly hired candidates on Jazz HR

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Send emails through Gmail for new PagerDuty incidents

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Send emails via Gmail to follow up on quotes sent through Quotient

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Notify new Salesmate deals via Gmail

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Send Gmail emails for new orders in ShipStation

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Send emails from Gmail about new Slack channel messages

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Send Gmail notification for new test in StatusCake

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Send an email with a GIF via Gmail for G Suite for accepted deals in Teamleader

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Send email via Gmail for new test run in TestRail

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Send email via Gmail for new response to a zenloop survey

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Send emails via Gmail for new Zoho Desk tickets

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Send Gmail messages for new Zoho Expense reports

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Send emails via Gmail for new subscriptions in Zoho Subscriptions

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Send emails via Gmail for subscription renewals in Zoho Subscriptions

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Popular integrations

  • Collect Reviews

    Collect Reviews

    Collect Reviews lets you collect reviews with customizable templates. You can use these reviews to improve your service and increase sales conversions. Category : Surveys
  • Egnyte


    Egnyte is a content collaboration tool. You can protect sensitive data, share files, and view reports with a smart dashboard. Category : Files
  • Eventmaker.io


    Eventmaker.io is an application for event and online registration management. You can manage access for events, generate custom badges, and track event reports in real time. Category : Event Management
  • Giphy


    Giphy is an online collection of GIFs and animated stickers. It lets you create, search, and share GIFs across social channels. Category : Video, Audio & Images
  • Orchestly


    Orchestly is a business workflow management tool that allows you to automate process stages, define process owners, and track requests. Category : Project Management, Zoho, Developer Tools
  • allmysms


    Allmysms is a tool to power your SMS marketing campaigns. With responsive design and multi-language features, send bulk SMS and manage your alert system without hassle.  Category : Phone / SMS
  • Contactually


    Contactually is a CRM application that lets you sync communication history. You can set up custom templates, track deal status with pipelines, and create reminders to connect with your contacts. Category : CRM
  • Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar lets you schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities. You can schedule events, invite guests, and customize your calendar to suit your needs. Category : Calendar, Popular, Google
  • Hive


    Hive is a project management tool with predictive alerts. You can plan tasks with action templates, use Hive forms to collect data for projects, and communicate with your team and external users. Category : Project Management, Team Collaboration
  • MeisterTask


    MeisterTask is a collaborative project management tool. You can visually plan projects, add relationships among tasks, and track your team's progress. Category : Project Management, Team Collaboration
  • Slack


    Slack is a messaging app for teams. You can create channels to organize conversations, search message history, and add notes and reminders. Category : Team Collaboration, Team Chat
  • Zoho Campaigns

    Zoho Campaigns

    Zoho Campaigns helps you create and send personalized email campaigns. With features like predefined templates, autoresponders, intuitive editor, and reports, you can better engage your customers. Category : Zoho
  • Zoho Notebook

    Zoho Notebook

    Zoho Notebook is a note taking tool that lets you take notes, create checklists, and even save audio files. You can move between views, choose a cover image for each of your notebooks, and rearrange notes to suit your needs. Category : Zoho, Notes
  • Jazz HR

    Jazz HR

    Jazz HR is a recruitment software package that lets you perform candidate sourcing, employer branding, compliance, reporting, etc. Category : HR
  • PagerDuty


    Pagerduty is a digital operations management platform that provides reliable notifications to help detect and fix infrastructure issues. It is an extensible platform that lets you manage incidents, configure customized notifications, and enable modern incident responses. Category : Server Monitoring, Popular
  • Quotient


    Quotient lets you deliver quotes customized with your business's branding visuals. See when your customer opens the quote, get notified when to follow up right on your dashboard, and get a rolling total value of approved quotes. Category : Proposals & Invoices
  • Salesmate


    Salesmate is a CRM tool with sales pipeline and deal tracking. You can track emails, forecast sales, and connect to contacts with the built-in phone. Category : CRM
  • ShipStation


    ShipStation is shipping software for businesses. It lets you sync details between your store and marketplace, create a branding experience, and add coupons and offers. Category : Ecommerce
  • StatusCake


    StatusCake is a performance monitoring and website uptime tool. You can scan for viruses, test your website's availability from different locations, and have reports delivered to your inbox. Category : Server Monitoring
  • Teamleader


    Teamleader is a customer management, project management and invoicing application. It lets you manage customers, convert quotations into projects, track time spent on projects and more. Category : CRM
  • TestRail


    TestRail is a test case and test management software tool. You can organize test cases, track test results, and manage data access with custom roles. Category : Developer Tools
  • zenloop


    zenloop is an online tool for feedback management. It lets you create multi channel surveys, get instant feedback insights, and configure alerts and email digests. Category : Surveys
  • Zoho Desk

    Zoho Desk

    Zoho Desk is context-aware help desk software for managing customer support activities. You can assign, track, and set up alerts on help desk tickets easily.  Category : Zoho, Customer Support
  • Zoho Expense

    Zoho Expense

    Zoho Expense is cloud-based expense reporting software for recording and reporting all your business expenses. You can manage the entire process of reporting expense, right from uploading of a receipt to its approval and reimbursement with features such as auto scan, custom approvals, and spending policies. Category : Zoho, Accounting
  • Zoho Subscriptions

    Zoho Subscriptions

    Zoho Subscriptions helps businesses automate recurring billing and manage subscriptions. Handle customer lifecycles from sign-ups to payments, run promotional campaigns, tackle churn, and more. Category : Subscription Management, Zoho, Payment Processing

Gmail for G Suite supports following triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Email received

Triggers when a new email is received

Email starred

Triggers when a received email is starred

Email received from a user

Triggers when a new email is received from the specified user

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All Actions - Action are the automated tasks

Send email

Creates and sends a new email

Fetch email

Fetches an email by its unique message ID

Fetch labels

Fetches labels from the mailbox

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What is Gmail for G Suite?

Gmail for G Suite is a web-based email service which is part of G Suite bundle (paid). It provides custom email address and mailing groups with your domain, 30GB + cloud storage and more.

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Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. Automate complex business workflows within minutes. Set a trigger, add actions, use Delays and Decisions to create your entire workflow on an easy to use builder.

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