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Integrate your apps. Automate your workflows.

No matter your role or business, you can use Zoho Flow to build custom integrations to automate all your workflows.

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Zoho AnalyticsZoho PeopleMailchimpActiveCampaignAirtableHubSpot CRMAsanaZoho BooksZoho CRMBasecamp 3ChargebeeChargifyTwilioGoogle TasksStripsSlackShopifyZoho FormsRebrandlyQuickBooksPayPalPagerDutyBiginZoho OneZoho DeskEventbriteHarvestZoho CliqFreshsalesZoho ExpenseJotForm

Connect the apps you use every day

Zoho Flow supports hundreds of apps, with more added all the time.


One platform for all your integration   needs

Build integrations exactly how you visualize them using Zoho Flow's no-code features, logic elements, and custom functions. Create, maintain, and automate your workflows—all with Zoho Flow.


Build complex workflows with ease

A simple drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to build workflows spanning multiple apps. Simply add in the necessary logic elements to customize workflows however you want.

Build complex workflows with easeBuild complex workflows with ease
Trigger workflows from multiple sources

Trigger workflows from multiple sources

Trigger workflows from polling APIs, webhooks, templated emails, and even RSS feeds. Build workflows for any kind of use case.


Integrate your cloud apps with your on-premises systems

Access your on-premises systems securely using Zoho Flow's On-Prem Agent. Integrate your cloud and on-prem apps in different combinations.

Integrate your cloud apps with your on-premises systems

Monitor and troubleshoot workflows easily

Know exactly how your workflows are performing. With Zoho Flow's troubleshooting features, you can restart entire workflows, rerun specific parts, and more.

Monitor and troubleshoot workflows effectively
Onboard team members from every department

Eliminate data silos

Introduce Zoho Flow to all your teams, so they can build workflows for automating function-specific processes. As more teams adopt Flow, automating cross-functional workflows becomes much easier, ensuring that critical data doesn't remain in silos.


What our customers say

Zoho Flow has been a life saver, because, when you compare with their competitors, Flow offers more value for money. We hope to see Flow continue to flourish, with its ability to connect different ecosystems together.

Zoho Flow has been of huge help. It logs complaints and feedback, and also connects our third-party applications, like Starshipit and Shopify, with Zoho Analytics.

Before Zoho Flow, our tools and systems operated in silos, leading to operational hiccups, customer service challenges, and frequent errors. Zoho Flow has been transformative, bridging the communication gap between teams and seamlessly integrating our technology systems.

Zoho Flow has been a game changer for us, providing instant and accurate data that keeps us on top. It’s like a coach for our agents, quickly briefing them on their goals—and that’s turbocharged our sales by 50%.

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  • Ben Walwyn

    CTO, Yellow Africa

  • Greg Szabo

    Operations Manager, Stark Medical

  • Mickey Blayvas

    Founder and CEO, Blazesoft

  • Daniel Chan

    Director of Professional Services and Data Protection Officer, Ascent Solutions

Build workflows   for all your teams using Zoho Flow



Unlock the power of marketing automation. Streamline omnichannel marketing efforts with automated workflows.

Connect marketing apps


Get the right data flowing in and out of your CRM. Find out how you can use automation throughout the lead management lifecycle.

Connect sales apps


Deliver delightful customer experiences. Connect apps to your help desk for gathering questions and feedback from multiple sources, automated follow-ups, and more.

Connect customer support apps


Whether it's employee onboarding, managing approvals, leave management, or payroll, you can create custom workflows for automating all your HR processes.

Connect HR apps

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  Find out how Zoho customers can benefit from Zoho Flow

Integrate Zoho Apps
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Build custom integrations tailored to your use case

Native integrations cover popular use cases, but not always the ones that suit your specific workflow. With Zoho Flow, you can integrate your Zoho apps however you want.

Connect your Zoho apps with hundreds of other apps

You can not only build custom integrations with Zoho apps but also with any other app out of the hundreds of third-party apps Zoho Flow supports.

Adopt the Zoho suite of apps with confidence

Zoho has all the apps you need to automate every business process—and with Zoho Flow as the integration platform capable of handling your custom integration requirements, you have one more reason to manage your entire business with Zoho.


Why choose   Zoho Flow?


Hybrid IPaaS for varied integration requirements

Build integrations between cloud-cloud, cloud-on-prem, and on-prem-on-prem applications. Zoho Flow is everything you need for all your integration requirements.


Secure, reliable, and private

Zoho Flow is built on Zoho's own cloud infrastructure, with 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% uptime. Add to it the fact that Zoho doesn't own or sell your data, and you can rest assured that you're investing in one of the most private, secure, and reliable software vendors on the market.


Transparency at every stage

Zoho Flow is GDPR compliant and uses AES encryption for securing sensitive data. Apart from offering robust standardization, transparency is baked into the platform. Get complete visibility on every step of every workflow and every activity that happens on your account.


Perfect for businesses of all sizes

Whether you're a startup looking to grow quickly and save on resources or an enterprise looking to eliminate data silos, Zoho Flow adapts to organizations at every stage of growth.


Built with Zoho’s values

Software is our craft. Every product from Zoho, including Flow, is built on Zoho’s time-tested values and convictions.


Global presence

With offices and data centers in countries around the world, as well as an international network of reliable Partners, we can help you get started with automating your workflows, regardless of your geographical location.