Connect your apps with your on-premises systems

Using Zoho Flow's on-prem agent, you can create a secure connection between your organization's private IT network and Zoho Flow. This enables you to build different combinations of integrations between your cloud and on-prem apps.

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Connect your apps with your on-premises systems

Automate workflows involving your on-premise apps

With on-prem integrations, you can automate both cloud-based and on-premises apps to effortlessly move data between them. Automate data transfers and syncs, cut down on manual input, minimize human errors, and speed up your workflows.

Seamless integrations through a secured gateway

Introducing Zoho Flow’s On-Prem Agent—the bridge between your private network and the cloud. Our agent ensures that:

  • There are no unauthorized connections to your system.
  • Data transfer between Zoho Flow and your system is completely secure.

Growing list of supported on-prem apps

From databases and asset tracking to legacy systems, our integration capabilities are continuously expanding. Dive into our gallery and discover on-prem integrations for your business.

Execute commands and scripts automatically

Elevate your automation strategies by automatically executing commands and scripts with Zoho Flow. This enables:

  • Direct interactions with local systems
  • Advanced customization of workflows
  • Integration of legacy systems with modern workflows