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Zoho expense service can be accessed via Zoho expense API. It gives you the freedom to expand and build on our programmatic base to suit your needs.

Built using REST principles, it makes application development incredibly easy for you. A wide range of HTTP clients can be used with this API since it follows HTTP rules.

Every resource is exposed as a URL. The URL of each resource can be obtained by accessing the API Root Endpoint.

API Root Endpoint

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Organization ID

In Zoho Expense, your business is termed as an organization. If you have multiple business, you need to setup an individual organization for each of them. Each organization is an independent Zoho Expense Organization with its own organization ID, base currency, time zone, language, customers, reports, etc.

The Url parameter organization_id along with the organization ID should be sent in with every API request to identify the organization.

The organization_id can be obtained from the GET /organizations API’s JSON response.

Request Example

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$ curl -X GET 'https://www.zohoapis.com/expense/v1/organizations' \ -H 'Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 6e80xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8a80'

Response Example

{ "code": 0, "message": "success", "organizations": [ { "organization_id": "10234695", "name": "Zillum", "contact_name": "John Smith", "email": "johnsmith@zillum.com", "is_default_org": false, "language_code": "en", "fiscal_year_start_month": 0, "account_created_date": "2016-02-18", "time_zone": "PST", "is_org_active": true, "currency_id": "460000000000097", "currency_code": "USD", "currency_symbol": "$", "currency_format": "###,##0.00", "price_precision": 2 }, {...}, {...} ] }

API Call Limit

API calls are limited to provide better quality of service and availability to all the users. The limits on total requests per day are listed below for each plan:

  • Free Plan - 1000 API requests/day
  • Standard Plan- 2000 requests/day
  • Premium Plan- 10000 requests/day
  • Enterprise Plan- 10000 requests/day