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I give a discount of 10% on the Invoice Amount if my customers pay within a particular date. How can I record this discount in Zoho Invoice?

Let us consider an example where you create an invoice on 20th July. You mention in the Customer Notes section that if the customer pays before 25th July, he/she gets a discount of 10% on the invoice amount i.e. if the invoice amount is $100, the customer gets a discount of $10 and he/she will need to pay only $90.

Once the payment of $90 has been made, the status of the invoice will change to Partially Paid after which you must edit the invoice and enter the value -10 either in Adjustments or Discounts and click Save.

In the pop-up that follows, enter the reason for editing an invoice that has already been sent and click Save.

Finally, the status of the invoice will be changed to Paid.

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