Enterprise Support

What makes Enterprise Support unique?

Superior technical expertise

Work together with a Technical Account Manager, highly trained in troubleshooting the advanced features of your Zoho deployment. Your TAM can provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Fastest response times

Enterprise Support offers the fastest available response times, to address the latest developments in your Zoho deployment as they occur. Whether you need regular maintenance or emergency assistance, Enterprise Support is on call for your teams.

Continuity of support

Get support from a dedicated Technical Account Manager who has a deep understanding of your ongoing needs and goals. With this continuity of service, Enterprise Support can provide better, more specific advice and resolve issues more quickly.

Dedicated onboarding assistance

During your onboarding, we can guide you through your adoption of Zoho Apps. While you're getting initiated with your software, we’ll offer learning resources and provide assistance before transitioning to ongoing technical support.


Enterprise Support Eligibility

To qualify for US-based Enterprise Support, your organization must purchase a minimum number of licenses based on the product or suite being used.

Zoho crm Logo 50+ licenses
Zoho crm Logo 50+ licenses
Zoho crm Logo 75+ licenses

Comparison chart

Email Support8 hours (Monday-Friday)24 hours (7 days/week)
Phone Support8 hours (Monday-Friday)24 hours (Monday-Friday)
Max initial response time8 hours1 hour
Subscription periodMonthly or AnnualAnnual
Remote assistance

Provides screen-sharing support to clients, allowing for quick and efficient resolution of technical issues. We can diagnose and troubleshoot issues, while walking you through the process in real-time.

Technical account manager

Dedicated support agent with deep product knowledge across the Zoho suite of products. Responsible for being the primary point of contact to oversee all touch points during resolution.

Dedicated onboarding specialist  
Priority access to new features

Prioritized access to forthcoming features, with personalized demo on request.





Expert assistance with application and feature-specific questions


In-depth implementation or solution consulting services


Responsive targeted technical issue resolution


Complex customizations, including report building, API integrations, third-party integrations, or custom functions


Comprehensive debugging assistance


Support for external products connected to Zoho software


Onboarding guidance during the early phases of your implementation


Structured, classroom-style product training


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Enterprise email support different from Classic email support?

Enterprise Support includes a dedicated support email address for your team to submit detailed support requests directly. This allows us to prioritize your requests and provide continuous service from your Technical Account Manager.

Should my organization get Enterprise Support if we’re working with a Partner?

Enterprise Support is an excellent way to augment a Partner implementation. Partners will collect your business requirements and actively build out your Zoho environment for you. Enterprise support will supplement the implementation by providing product knowledge consultation and troubleshooting expertise. Partners often find they are able to work more efficiently on implementation tasks when users are supported by a skilled Technical Account Manager.

How can Enterprise Support assist with a self-directed implementation?

Users who self-implement their Zoho software are able to work more efficiently with Enterprise Support. With the fastest response times for any technical questions, they can enjoy a smooth set up during their implementation process, and the assistance of a dedicated Technical Account Manager allows for continuity of service.

Does Enterprise Support assist with onboarding?

Enterprise Support can assist with the following onboarding tasks:

  • Walking you through your Zoho product(s) so that you can swiftly familiarize yourself with the interface and begin using it.

  • Speaking with you to learn about your company's existing processes and pain points.

  • Analyzing your processes and pain points to determine how you can use your product's capabilities to optimize your business.

  • Helping you to create a checklist of actionable product configuration steps to reach your goals.

Will Enterprise Support act as an outsourced Administrator for my Zoho implementation?

No. You will need to designate the Administrator role from within your own organization.

Will Enterprise Support help me migrate my data?

Migration services provided by Zoho need to be identified and confirmed possible with Zoho's migration team. Where migration is not possible with Zoho's team, a Zoho Partner will need to be enlisted in the migration process. (See zoho.com/partners)