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Drive awareness, conversion, and retention with advanced CX insights

Zoho’s ecosystem of intelligent CX solutions equips your enterprise marketing, sales, and support teams with the insights they need to engage your customers at every stage of the journey.



“As compared to Salesforce, Zoho users reported shortened training times, accelerated implementation schedules, and an average ongoing cost that was 47 percent lower for comparable scopes of deployment.”

- Cameron Marsh, Lead Analyst with Nucleus Research

Find the solution that fits your organization

  Zoho CRM

Collaborative Sales

Build an intelligent sales operation capable of generating revenue worldwide. With Zoho CRM’s scalable backend infrastructure, comprehensive feature coverage, and world-class security protocols, your organization will be able to coordinate and execute complex business processes across departments, regions, and verticals.

Collaborative Sales
Collaborative Sales feature
  Zoho Desk

Intelligent support

Give your support reps full context on every ticket, with your customers’ complete support history available at a glance. Zoho Desk reduces your team’s support workload with comprehensive self-service portals, AI-powered sentiment analysis, and automated ticket assignment.

Intelligent support
Intelligent support feature
  Zoho Marketing Plus

Automated marketing

Leverage Zoho’s full-service marketing platform, consisting of dedicated solutions built for every customer-facing channel. Manage, monitor, and optimize your campaigns to fit whatever medium you choose. Unite customer data in a single interface across email, social media, live events, webinars, and surveys.

Automated marketing
Automated marketing feature
  Zoho CRM Plus

Integrated CX Platform

Unify your sales, marketing, and support activities on a single platform to ensure a coordinated, context-rich response to every lead and customer. Break down silos so customers experience a seamless transition from one team to the next.

Integrated CX Platform

Unified CX insights powered by Zoho’s BI platform

Empower your customer-facing teams with AI-augmented analytics across the entire customer life-cycle. Tap into each product’s embedded reporting features, or upgrade your BI operations with Zoho’s dedicated BI platform to pull and analyze CX KPIs from different products and view them in convenient executive dashboards.


    Multi-dimensional sales forecasting


    marketing analysis


    Live, embeddable KPI reports and dashboards

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Zoho is solving problems for us that we didn’t even know we had.


IT Systems Support Manager

Casey Tristan
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Build better relationships with augmented CX

Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered business assistant, empowers employees at every level of your organization to generate powerful, data-driven insights into your customers, and to take action faster and more effectively.

Build better relationships with augmented CX
  •   Reduce busywork
  •   Suggest next steps
  •   Analyze sentiment
  •   Forecast performance
  •   Enrich records
  •   Optimize processes
  •   Detect anomalies
  •   Assign tasks

Expandable, extensible, and fully integrated

All of Zoho’s CX apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with the most popular cloud-based and on-prem solutions⁠ right out of the box.

  •  Telephony
  •  Support
  •  Database
  •  Social Media
  •  Inventory
  •  Ecommerce
  •  CRM
  •  Live Chat
  •  Analytics

If your CX operations are built on a legacy tool that Zoho does not support natively, our range of plug-and-play workflow builders and low-code developer tools make it simple to create a solution that bridges the gap.

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Transform your customer experience one department at a time

​Implementing Zoho technology isn’t an all or nothing decision. Zoho’s customer experience offerings scale alongside your organization, allowing you to expand into other complementary solutions as value is proven and needs arise. Start with a stand-alone product, then move up to a larger integrated suite when your organization is ready.

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