A secure and reliable digital signature solution for South African businesses

The journey of digital transformation has already begun in South Africa, and South African businesses are joining this migration to spur economic growth. Zoho Sign is happy to be a part of this journey by providing businesses with a secure, cloud-based digital signature solution that helps them digitize and automate their agreement process. Zoho Sign partners with TrustFactory to offer South African businesses advanced electronic signatures (AES) as per the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

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Why choose Zoho Sign?

  • 80% faster document turnaround time

    Complete your agreement process in no time.

  • R300 saved per envelope

    Reduce operational expenses by saving on material and labour costs that come with physical paperwork.

  • 50+ hours saved per employee each month

    Improve productivity and employee experience.

Reliable digital signature solution
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Tailor-made for South African businesses!

South Africa recognizes digital signatures that comply with the ECTA, which enables businesses to use Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) for business transaction paperwork. AES is a type of e-signature accredited in consonance with section 37 of the Electronics Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA).

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Features at a glance

  • Sign documents
  • Configure workflows
  • Track status
  • Custom branding
  • Bulk send
  • Reusable templates
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Sign documents

Digitally sign documents yourself or send documents and collect signatures from anyone.

‘Zoho Sign has saved us time when it comes to document processing. With the time saved, we're able to support our clients better in terms of culture designing, product branding, and manage more strategic bases.’

Stephanie Chua,

Founder,Vault Personnel

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Configure workflows

Set the signing order while sending a document to multiple recipients and provide efficiency in the workplace

‘Zoho Sign is a solution that all HR professionals should implement and use. It frees up a lot of your time to pursue more strategic matters. Plus, everything becomes so much more organized and efficient.’

Aaron Syarif Hakim,

Head of SAP Resourcing,Aplikasi

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Track status

Track your document through every step of the document signing process.

‘We can see exactly what's happening with a document, even being to able to monitor if somebody has opened it, where it is in the signing process. So you have traceability.’

Alan Lindstrom,

Regional Business Manager,Black Ox

Custom branding

Custom branding

Incorporate your brand's image and add authenticity to the communication you send to your signer across documents, with customized logos and emails.

‘We use Zoho CRM to manage our customers. We opted for Zoho Sign to get onboarding agreements signed and the whole process started taking less than two minutes to complete.’

Shreyash Khandelwal,

Founder and Managing Partner,Recoversy

Bulk send

Bulk send

Send documents for signing to a large list of recipients in one go, thus reducing the time spent on manual paperwork

‘Zoho Sign gives our staff the power to send legal documents directly from our CRM. It makes the whole experience seamless for both us and our clients.’

Melanie Cope Machial,

Head of Marketing and Technology,Barings Law

Resusable templates

Reusable templates

Create personalized templates once and reuse them forever, thus saving time

‘Zoho Sign has allowed me as a leader to be more efficient when onboarding new employees, contractors, and partners.’

Kenny Schiff,

Founder and Managing Partner,CareSight

  • Human Resources
  • Banking and Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare

Zoho Sign caters to various industries and departments.

A digital signature application that works across all roles, functions, and departments.

Popular use cases

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are electronic signatures legally binding in South Africa?

    Yes, electronic signatures are legally binding in South Africa for most business use cases. They are regulated by common law and the Electronics Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA). Learn more.

  • Does Zoho Sign offer any other services besides AES for South African businesses?

    Yes, besides AES certificates, Zoho Sign's integration with TrustFactory also enables users to obtain AATL certificates for digitally signing documents across international borders. These carry the similar legal validity as the AES standards defined across the globe.

  • Are documents signed using Zoho Sign legal in South Africa?

    Yes, documents signed using Zoho Sign are legally effective in South Africa. Zoho Sign integrates with TrustFactory to offer the highest level of assurance with AES, which complies with the specifications given in the ECTA and its Accreditation Regulations.

  • How does Zoho Sign offer its services in South Africa to comply with the ECTA?

    Zoho Sign uses TrustFactory, an identity and trust services provider accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority (SAAA), to verify identities and issue signers an AES certificate for compliant business use.

  • How secure is Zoho Sign?

    Zoho Sign provides enhanced security by using a public key infrastructure (PKI) for the document signing process, AES-256 encryption to encrypt data while at rest, and SSL/TLS to transmit data. Visit the Zoho Sign Trust Center to learn more.

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