The ideal digital signature solution for Australian businesses

Australian businesses are going digital to support the Digital Economy Strategy initiatives set forth by the Australian Government. With Zoho Sign, businesses can digitally sign documents and automate workflows to offer a seamless experience to stakeholders.

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A solution tailor-made for Australian business needs!

  • 80% faster document turnaround time

    Documents that traditionally took weeks to get signed are now completed in seconds.

  • A$30 saved per envelope

    Reduce the operational costs that accompany pen-and-paper document signing.

  • 50+ hours saved per employee each month

    Save hours spent on repetitive tasks and following up on each document.

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Digital signatures are legally valid in Australia as per the Electronic Transactions Act.

The electronic signing process must reliably capture the identity and consent of the signer. These specifications are governed by Australian federal law and state laws but the validity of the signature remains the same. Digital signatures go one step above e-signatures and seal the document with tamper-proof certificates and audit trails.

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Features at a glance

  • Sign documents
  • Configure workflows
  • Track status
  • Custom branding
  • Bulk send
  • Reusable templates
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Sign documents

Digitally sign documents yourself or send documents and collect signatures from anyone.

‘Zoho Sign has saved us time when it comes to document processing. With the time saved, we're able to support our clients better in terms of culture designing, product branding, and manage more strategic bases.’

Stephanie Chua,

Founder,Vault Personnel

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Configure workflows

Set the signing order while sending a document to multiple recipients and provide efficiency in the workplace

‘Zoho Sign is a solution that all HR professionals should implement and use. It frees up a lot of your time to pursue more strategic matters. Plus, everything becomes so much more organised and efficient.’

Aaron Syarif Hakim,

Head of SAP Resourcing,Aplikasi

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Track status

Track your document through every step of the document signing process.

‘We can see exactly what's happening with a document, even being to able to monitor if somebody has opened it, where it is in the signing process. So you have traceability.’

Alan Lindstrom,

Regional Business Manager,Black Ox

Custom branding

Custom branding

Incorporate your brand's image and add authenticity to the communication you send to your signer across documents, with customised logos and emails.

‘We use Zoho CRM to manage our customers. We opted for Zoho Sign to get onboarding agreements signed and the whole process started taking less than two minutes to complete.’

Shreyash Khandelwal,

Founder and Managing Partner,Recoversy

Bulk send

Bulk send

Send documents for signing to a large list of recipients in one go, thus reducing the time spent on manual paperwork.

‘Zoho Sign gives our staff the power to send legal documents directly from our CRM. It makes the whole experience seamless for both us and our clients.’

Melanie Cope Machial,

Head of Marketing and Technology,Barings Law

Resusable templates

Reusable templates

Create personalised templates once and reuse them forever, thus saving time.

‘Zoho Sign has allowed me as a leader to be more efficient when onboarding new employees, contractors, and partners.’

Kenny Schiff,

Founder and Managing Partner,CareSight

  • Human Resources
  • Banking and Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare

Zoho Sign caters to various industries and departments.

A digital signature application that works across all roles, functions, and departments.

Popular use cases

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are electronic signatures valid in Australia?

    E-signatures are federally recognised by the Australian Government under the Electronic Transactions Act of 1999 (ETA). Territories within Australia have local ETAs specific for their region which fall under the ETA 1999.

  • Are documents signed using Zoho Sign legal in Australia?

    Yes. Zoho Sign is compliant with the ETA 1999 in Australia, making documents signed using Zoho Sign legally valid.

  • Does Zoho have an Australian data centre?

    Yes. Zoho has two data centres in Australia, one in Sydney (primary) and one in Melbourne (secondary). This ensures that your data remains safely within the borders of your country.

  • How secure is Zoho Sign?

    Zoho Sign is highly secure, with AES-256 encryption at rest and SSL in transit. To learn more, read about Zoho Sign’s security, legality, and compliance at the Zoho Sign Trust Center.

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Sign documents from mobile, on the go

Sign, send, and keep track of your business documents from anywhere with Zoho Sign's mobile apps.

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Sign paperless with Zoho Sign

The complete digital signature app for business signatories.

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