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Zoho Desk Vs Zendesk

  • Features
  • Help center Paid add-on
  • Analytics Paid add-on
  • Live chat Paid add-on
  • Work modes  
  • Blueprint  
  • Custom functions in workflows  
  • Built-in time tracking  
  • AI-powered Reply Assistant  
  • Anomaly notifications  
  • Dedicated mobile app for managers  
  • Zwitch/one-click migration  
  • Free data backup  

The Zoho Desk Advantage

The primary difference between the two tools is that Zoho Desk is an integrated software that includes everything you need to run your support ops end-to-end. By contrast, Zendesk offers only foundational support. If you need additional features, like a help center or live chat support, you have to buy additional licenses for Zendesk Guide and Zendesk Chat respectively or purchase the full Zendesk Support Suite.



Zoho Desk is for support teams of all sizes. It covers all your needs, from email ticketing to advanced process automations and customizations.


Easy implementation

Easy to set up and onboard your team. Most of our customers get their portals up and running in less than a month.


Simple and transparent pricing

No complex pricing tiers or hidden charges. All features supported by a plan come built-in—never as paid add-ons.


Remote readiness

Work from anywhere and any device and collaborate seamlessly. Provide remote technical assistance to your customers using the free Zoho Assist integration.


Free integrations with Zoho apps

Leverage the free integrations with other Zoho apps to collaborate, manage projects, and offer well-rounded support, all with less work for your team.



Connect your help desk with your other apps using marketplace integrations and APIs. Customize user experience with the help of SDKs.

Why should you choose Zoho Desk?

  • Personalized support

    Empower your customer service teams with timely and relevant context about customers, conversations, and purchases. Make every interaction with customers meaningful by integrating your CRM with Zoho Desk. Help sales and support teams work in tandem, ensuring that no customer is left unattended and no business opportunities slip through the cracks.

  • Improved agent experience

    We care about our users. That's why Zoho Desk is designed specifically to reduce the steps needed to perform any action. The highly-intuitive UI is packed with relevant context, shortcuts to enable smoother navigation, one-click bulk actions, drag-and-drop builders, dynamic filters, and various other visual cues to make the product incredibly easy to use.

  • Increased productivity

    Waste no more time figuring out which tickets to work on. Use Work Modes to sort tickets by status, priority, due time, and customer type and focus on the tickets that need your immediate attention. Reduce response times using email templates, snippets, and by getting response suggestions from the AI-powered Reply Assistant.

  • Streamlined processes

    Bring clarity to your internal and external processes using Zoho Desk's no-code process automation builder, Blueprint. Create process milestones and assign them to any internal or external party to increase accountability. Effectively reduce resolution time by showing your agents their next steps. Make data-driven process enhancements by monitoring your active blueprints using the comprehensive blueprint dashboard.

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Number of users 25

$625Zoho Desk

Approved by Industry Advocates


“With Zoho Desk, we’ve gotten rid of old spreadsheet processes and really streamlined our customer service functions. It's cut our customer service (response) time almost in half.”

Paul Grimes

VP Of Marketing

“Super intuitive to pick up and use from the go. It was extremely easy to set up the entire team and show them on how to use the basic features of Zoho Help Desk.”

Kirsten S. Barnes

Director of Staffing & Training

“With a more structured way to attend every grievance that comes from a migrant worker and being able to see through the process until help is provided, HealthServe is now confident to head out for a larger audience.”

Michael Cheah

Executive Director

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