• Features
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  • Data reports YES YES
  • Product-based ticket tracking YES NO
  • Team feed YES NO
  • Two-way integration with Zoho CRM YES NO
  • Ticket timeline YES NO
  • Custom ticket views YES YES
  • Cloud telephony YES Yes
  • Response shortcuts YES NO
  • Tag colleagues to comment YES Yes
  • Ticket templates YES NO
  • Remote authentication YES YES
  • Customer history YES YES
  • Real-time notification center YES NO
  • Team chat YES NO
  • Employee management YES YES
  • Web forms YES YES
  • Macros YES YES
  • Follow tickets YES NO
  • Multi-brand support YES YES

Why should you switch to Zoho Desk?

  • Prioritized ticket views

    Tickets are automatically arranged in order of priority, due-time or status so that you can focus on responding to the most important ones first.

  • Contextual responses

    View customer history and previous interactions and deliver personalized responses that cater to your customer's needs.

  • Intelligent automations

    Automate ticket assignments and escalations and use service-levels agreements to ensure you fulfill all your commitments.

  • Reduced ticket volumes

    With our self-service portals and FAQ page, your customers can find help for themselves without needing to contact you.

Save up to 76% by switching to the best helpdesk software.

Number of users 50

$250 Zoho Desk
$990 Zendesk
  • "We have seen an increase in answering support requests and have had a quicker adoption internally than with Salesforce"

    Joshua SmithIT Manager, Wencor Group.

  • "I love how easy it is to use and how quickly it links to other software. Exploring the CRM and DESK function so far have been a breeze."

    Alex BasurtoIT and Services

  • "Very easy to use. Requires minimum data to open ticket. Very flexible management configuration. Beautiful data reports - very comprehensive info. Love the happiness feature."

    Mario Pires, GeostarSpringwater Capital Group

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