Communicate with your customers through any Instant Messaging Channel

Integrate Zoho Desk's Instant Messaging tool to establish instant conversation experiences
through any popular IM channel.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Instant Messaging software that helps you:

  • Connect with customers through popular messaging Channels
  • Streamline popular IM channels through a unified console
  • Create lasting experiences for your customers through simple interface
  • Simplify the user experience for the teams and your customers

Truly Omni-channel

In today's digital-first economy, instant messaging can be the most convenient and personalized way to communicate with your customers. Your customers can initiate conversations through messaging tools from all popular social channels.

Instant Messaging Console

Unified console

Your service teams can seamlessly communicate and keep track of all the customer conversations through a unified window in Zoho Desk.

Unified console

Canned Responses

Canned messages can save ample time for service teams by reducing their time to reply. Your service teams can stay focused on resolving the core challenges while the Instant Messaging tool can take care of timely responses.

Canned responses

Contextual reports

Receive timely and insightful reports on incoming and outgoing messages and personalize customer communication based on data. You can filter data from available channels to obtain visual reports.

Reports Dashboard reports  Filtered data

IM from anywhere, anytime.

Your customers can easily reach out to your business through the channels through simple QR scanning, clickable link, clickable button or just by typing the business names on any given IM application.

Message Button Chat Link QR code

Interactive UI for agents

The distinct communication widgets in the IM console can create engaging experiences for your service agents and can help improve efficiency multi folds.

Interactive UI

Delightful experiences for teams

The Instant Messaging Platform aims to improve your team's overall productivity with a unified, easy-to-configure console and readily available information that helps agents resolve tickets efficiently.


Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Early Access IM function.I have been using it for a few months now.I have loved the functionality and I see the potential of it in the near future.

Sergio Rey,Founder, Mall Digital 360