Minimize wait times, maximize happiness with real-time assistance

Serve more customers in less time with instant communication via live chat with Zoho Desk.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

How can you benefit?

  • Elevate agent efficiency with automation
  • Maximize customer convenience with service on the platform, and the medium of their choice
  • Offer customers quick service in real-time
  • Improve your service strategy with pre- and post-chat data

Embed live chat across customer touchpoints

While customers look for help on your website and help center, they naturally expect it on your mobile applications too. You can make service available on your website, and in your help center, by embedding the live chat widget without any coding. Along with it, offer in-app live support using Zoho Desk's mobile SDKs.

live chat conversation with a customer service representative via live chat widget in help center

Create and customize chat widgets
for each brand

Every brand has unique requirements. To maintain brand differentiation and uniqueness, Zoho Desk provides the option to create and customize separate embeddable widgets for each brand to reflect your brand ideology.

Multiple themes, font styles, colors, and float icons to customise the livechat widget

Manage multiple conversations simultaneously

Increasing the number of agents to handle support volume might not always be a feasible option. When a customer initiates live chat, your agents are notified of every incoming request with visitor notifications. And when there are multiple customers in the queue, your agents can easily conduct parallel conversations in the live chat module while resolving every request with utmost efficiency with canned responses, customer context, and typing preview or even convert chat to tickets.

visitor notification pop up with livechat window that includes canned responses, typing preview and option to convert chat to tickets

Extend help beyond business hours

While you are free to set business hours to keep your customers well informed of your availability. Your customers can still get help via Zia or Guided Conversations even in the absence of agents.

Zoho Desk guided conversations response formats
Guided conversations automated chat Guided conversations email input Guided conversations select an option Guided conversations flow Guided conversations select an option Guided conversations flow Guided conversations ticket in Zoho Desk

Conduct secure interactions

Secure interactions foster healthier relations. Give your customers the assurance of safe interactions by enabling privacy controls that allow you to get customer consent and mask credit card information. Provide the same level of security to your agents by blocking irrelevant interactions and maintaining a clean inbox of genuine requests.

privacy configuration screen for admins to enable or disable the credit card masking privacy feature

Convert, assign, and acknowledge chats with automation

Get every request addressed with precision from experts by automating the conversion of chats to tickets after a set wait time, and of ticket assignments based on various parameters. Acknowledge customer efforts from the initiation of the chat until the end with auto displayed messages even when your agents are occupied.

direct ticket assignment of livechat tickets to agents and auto displayed messages requesting customers to wait for the agent

Collect and exercise immediate actions on feedback

Customer relations can be improved when you know how your customers feel about your service. Embed customer happiness ratings in chat to give customers the opportunity to provide instant feedback. Reopen tickets in instances of bad feedback and turn sad customers to happy ones.

customer feedback request message with three emoticons with two options below for customers to email or reopen the chat conversation

Make real-time communication effortless with Zoho Desk

  • No credit card required.
  • No software to download.