No matter where you are, you're right next to a customer

with the Zoho Desk mobile app.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Respond to queries from anywhere at any time for seamless support even while on the move.
  • Use the search bar to quickly pull up contacts, accounts, and previous tickets.
  • Get push notifications for new ticket assignments, updates, and other alerts.
  • Automatically sync offline-updated data once a stable internet connection is established.

Stay in loop, always

Set up notifications to receive timely alerts whenever new tickets are created, when existing tickets are updated, or when tickets are assigned specifically to you. Furthermore, the app ensures that you never miss Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations, enabling you to maintain the highest standards of customer service.

Zoho Desk mobile app notification alerts

Put a face to every ticket

Access all the customer information you need in a single screen with the Zoho CRM integration. This includes essential contact details like email, phone numbers, and addresses, as well as comprehensive records of past interactions, previous purchases, and even customer happiness ratings. With everything conveniently available in one place, you can efficiently serve your customers with personalized support.

Zoho desk mobile app ticket overview, contact details and CRM info

Organize and prioritize effortlessly

In customer service, first-in doesn't always mean first-out. Prioritizing can depend on multiple factors - How quickly does the customer need the issue resolved? Is the issue serious? how important is the customer to the business? Work Modes and Custom Views help you sort your tickets based on chosen criteria. With your tickets automatically arranged, you'll be able to tackle the most urgent ones with ease.

Zoho Desk mobile app contextual ticket prioritization

Close tickets on the move

With just one tap, you can create and customize tickets. Plus, on a single screen, you get the full ticket conversation, with the latest response right at the top, making it easy to keep the flow going. With Response Templates and Suggested Articles, writing a reply is a breeze too. You can also upload attachments and add private responses to the tickets.

Zoho Desk mobile app suggested articles for faster resolution

Do more with gestures

Simplify frequently performed ticket actions like editing, assigning, and moving tickets with quick and easy swipes. Pass on a ticket to a colleague when you’re busy with another one, or swipe right to close the ticket. Quick, simple gestures like these makes the mobile app a handy tool!

Tackle as a team

With social network-style commenting and tagging, agents can ask for help, brainstorm for solutions, and collaborate effortlessly with their colleagues and other departments within the ticket. The Team Feed keeps your entire team updated and enables in-app conversations with them.

Zoho Desk mobile app team feeds for collaboration between teams and departments

The user-friendly android and IOS apps are one of the best features of Zoho Desk, that I like the most. Other features that I admire are - It provides a simple widget code with a few clicks once to integrate it with your website or application; you can easily track all your tickets and agents from the dashboard; you can insert tags with each ticket to group them into specific categories for analysis and troubleshooting.

Humayun Farooqi,Senior Technical Support Specialist, Joblogic G2 review

What is very nice about Zoho Desk is that you can also use a mobile app. You can actually customize this mobile app however you wish. The reporting in Zoho Desk is also very easy to set up yourself, so you can create reports according to your own preferences.

Patrick Lazarom,Team Leader in Support Department, Easy Secure

Zoho Desk comes at a better price when compared to Zendesk, and it offers integration with other Zoho applications so you can keep your information in a single place. Their mobile app lets you work from any place and be informed about the organization's tasks and communications.

Miguel Useche,Full-Stack Developer, Webdibs

Customer service, on the go.

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