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Zoho Desk can keep your customers and customer support agents truly happy—read on to find out how.

Zoho Desk is one of the industry's first context-aware help desk tools that provides fully integrated omni-channel support. With features like AI, process automation, mobile applications, context-aware ticketing, guided conversations, and more, you can rest easy knowing you're providing the best customer service possible.

Zoho Desk vs happyfox

  • Capability

  • Capability

    Richness of features


    In-built help center ( ASAP)

    Work Mode

    Quick Ticket View

    Built-in multi-brand ticket management


    Advanced Process Management (Blueprint)

    Chat/chat messaging

    IVR/voice recognition

    AI Virtual assistant

    Call recording/ transfer

    Knowledge management

    Community support

    CRM integration

    Data import/export

    Churn management


  • 145+

    Single integrated suite

  • Around 75

    Separate bundles as add-ons


We are not claiming fictitious capabilities and here's the proof:

Your customers deserve better service, and you're looking at the best solution.

  • Help (center) where it matters

    By using the ASAP plug-in, you can add your customer help center anywhere on your website, product, or mobile application, making it easy for customers to reach you.

  • Multi-department ticketing

    Enjoy using built-in multi-department ticket management to manage multiple brands, all while using a single help desk.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Use powerful AI to operate your customer service, with sentiment analysis, proactive notifications, auto-tags, a smart knowledge base, and voice and chat assistance for customers.

  • Mobile app on the go

    Radar is the industry's first performance tracking app for managers and agents that shares detailed stats, like live traffic, channel traffic, and happiness ratings.

  • Switch as you wish

    Migrate data from other desk applications to Zoho Desk with absolute ease using Zwitch, our data switching tool that securely transfers your data.

Your customers deserve better service, and you're looking at the best solution.

  • Help (center) where it matters
  • Multi-department ticketing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile app on the go
  • Switch as you wish

Save up to 61% compared to happyfox.

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$4975 Happyfox

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“We analyzed other products in the market, but Zoho Desk blended into our organization's structure better than anything else.”

Swaroop Naik

Senior Manager, Software Development

“With Zoho Desk, we’ve gotten rid of old spreadsheet processes and really streamlined our customer service functions. It's cut our customer service (response) time almost in half.”

Paul Grimes

VP Of Marketing

“Super intuitive to pick up and use from the go. It was extremely easy to set up the entire team and show them on how to use the basic features of Zoho Help Desk.”

Kirsten S. Barnes

Director of Staffing & Training

Your customers deserve better service, and you're looking at the best solution

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