Getting Started

Before you build your extensions you need to setup a developer environment.

Do the following to setup the developer environment:

  1. Install Node (versions above 10.X)
  2. Install ZET CLI

Note: Should have Support Administrator user profile in desk portal

Node and its Use

Node is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that helps you setup the developer environment and serves as the base platform for creating a widget.

Verify Installation

After installing node.js, verify its version using the following command in the command prompt:

Sample Request

node -v

Sample Response

v18.15.0 //version of node 

Install the ZET CLI

ZET CLI is a Zoho Extension Toolkit (ZET) Command Line Interface (CLI) tool, which helps you to build, test, and package the extensions for Zoho products.

To install the ZET CLI, run the following commands:

For Mac/Unix system

1. sudo npm install -g zoho-extension-toolkit
2. password -> provide the machine password

For Microsoft Windows system

npm install -g zoho-extension-toolkit

Note:-g command ensures that the installation is global. With a global installation, you can call commands and work on your extensions and CLI from anywhere within your machine.

Note: "npm install -g zoho-extension-toolkit" is also used to update the ZET version to latest.

Verify Installation

After installing ZET CLI, verify its version using the following command in the command prompt

Sample Request

zet -v

Sample Response

1.0.3  // version of ZET CLI

Zet Commands

To know about all the commands supported, run the command: ZET or ZET --help

Now, you have setup your development environment successfully and you are ready to build extensions.