Extensions are software add-ons that combine Zoho Desk's functionalities with the third-party tools to make your work easier and more effective.

Why we need extensions

  • To enhance the functionalities of Zoho Desk
  • To help with Data Syncing
  • To extend the performance of services
  • To provide a better user experience

Note: Do not require extensive expertise or experience in programming. Just a functional knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript helps you to a great extent.

How are the extensions available?

Once you have developed an extension, you can make it available to your intended audience by publishing it. Extensions can be published in two ways: privately and publicly. The characteristics of private and public extensions are described below.


Public ExtensionsPrivate Extensions
You can make this extension available inside / outside your organization i.e., the extension will be made available for all users publicly in Marketplace.You can install and use these extensions inside your organization or help desk portal via installation URL.
Involves the review process before hosting it on the Marketplace.Do not involve any review process.
You can make these extensions available for free or price.You can make these extensions available for free.