Use Config Params

You can fetch and use the configured parameter values using two methods given below:

  1. Using Widget
  2. Using Functions

Note: The fetched configured parameter value is used within the extension and not with other extensions


Get the configured parameter value using Widgets

To fetch the value of the configured config parameter using widget, follow the steps below

  1. In your local drive, go to your Project folder which you created initially while constructing your widget.
  2. Open widget.html file.
  3. Edit the file by including the GET request method to retrieve the values of the configuration parameter.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Pack and publish the extension.

Sample Request

  // handle your code here...
  // handle error here...

Get the configured parameter value using Functions

To retrieve and use configuration parameters using functions, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Sigma > Functions > Deluge Script Builder of function which you want to associate with your extension.
  2. In Deluge Script Builder page,  provide the Request to retrieve data.


    URL             :{{installationId}}/configParams
    OAuth Scope     :     Desk.extensions.READ
    RequestMethod   :     GET
    RequestHeaders  :     orgId, Authorization
  3. Save and execute the request code

    You will get the response as shown:

    ResponseCode    : 200
    Content-Type    : application/json
  4. Associate function  with corresponding extension.
  5. Publish the extension.

Sample Request

Copiedhead = Map();
head.put("orgId", data.get('integ_scope_id'));
installationId = data.get('service_app_id');
//Get config Param
getConfigParam = invokeurl
   url: ""+installationId+"/configParams"
   type: GET
   content-type: "application/json"
   connection: "testing"