Associate Function

You can associate a function with an extension by following the instructions given below:

1. Click Extensions menu on the left panel of the screen

2. Press Extension Details    icon over the extension to which you want to associate the function.  


3. In General Details page of the extension, go to Functions tab and click Associate Function

4. In Associate Functions page, select Function Name and Function Versions from the drop-down list.

5. Select ${LATEST}, if you need the latest version of the function. Otherwise, you can go with any specific version from the drop-down list.


  • When we select latest version , the latest published version will be associated with the extension when the extension is published.
  • When we associate extension with function and select latest version, the link generated cannot be used directly in the extension resource.json / widgets. You need to publish the extension, then only the  proper url will be updated .
  • It is recommended to select latest published function manually from the function versions available, so that the rest API link can be readily used in extension.

6. Click Associate.  

Once you click Associate, the created function will be successfully associated with the corresponding extension and an URL will be generated along with the 'Copy link' under Rest API column. 

You can now copy the generated URL and use it in your extension.