Edit Function

You can edit or update the function that is associated with the extension by following the instructions given below. 


  1. Go to the Functions menu on the left panel of the page.
    All the created functions will be displayed as a list.
  2. Click specific function to be updated.

  3. In Deluge Script Builder page, update the necessary changes and click Save.

    A notification will pop-up stating 'You have updated a function'

4. Publish the function.

Note:To reflect the changes of a function in your extension, you need to dissociate the old function version from the extension and associate the new function version. This process typically involves the following steps.

5. To dissociate the function, navigate to the Functions tab in Extension Details page.

6. Click More  '    ' option adjacent to the function to be edited and click Dissociate.


7. In warning dialog-box, click Yes, dissociate.

    Function will be dissociated successfully. Now, Associate the updated function with corresponding extension.