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Organize, classify, and filter all your tickets in Zoho Desk.

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How can you benefit?

  • Prioritize tickets through clear organization
  • Maximize agent productivity
  • Make quick and effective decisions with seamless navigation

Organize tickets to suit your workflow

Everyone has a preferred way of organizing and viewing their day-to-day tasks. Your agents are free to set their preferences or choose from the options available to view ticket information.

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Focus on the essentials

To simplify prioritization of customer service requests, Zoho Desk offers Work Modes. Your agents can see all their tickets updated in real time and categorized by status, priority, due date, or customer journey. Categorization can also be applied to predefined views.

Focus on the essentials

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Save your agents the hassle of switching between screens to perform ticketing actions. Quick Ticket View gives agents a preview of the ticket's details and lets them perform actions right from the ticket display screen.

Get a quick peek to decide

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