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Customer service software for banks

Here's how you can benefit?

Cut down long queues

Decrease response times and assist customers quickly.

Differentiate your services

Attract customers with a superior digital banking experience.

Ensure scalability

Expand your support capabilities as customer demand increases.

Customer retention

Build a loyal customer base by providing convenient, effective support.

Secure your customer data

Provide a reliable platform for customer interactions.

How Zoho Desk supports
customer service in banking

Take the bank to your clients

Customers expect quick and seamless support whenever they have an issue they need help with. They reach out through various channels, such as email, text messages, official websites, social media communities, and traditional channels such as in-person visits or phone calls. Zoho Desk helps you achieve customer loyalty by ensuring all communication channels are appropriately monitored and managed.

Omnichannel customer support by Zoho Desk

Streamline ticket management processes

Heavy ticket volumes can make it difficult to respond to all tickets promptly. With Zoho Desk's ticket management software, your support teams can use chatbots (powered by Zia, Zoho Desk's AI assistant) to quickly answer simple, common questions. This enables support agents to focus on more complex requests and helps ensure every customer receives a prompt response, boosting CSAT scores. Agents can also benefit from Zia's capabilities, including a response editor and mood analysis, to engage with customers effectively.

Capabilities offered by Zia, Zoho Desk AI assitant

Protect customer data

Privacy and data security are critical in the banking sector. A customer's data is confidential and needs to be protected from theft, exposure, or misuse. Zoho Desk offers a secure platform with role-based access to manage what information is visible to each user and what actions each person can perform. Learn more about data sharing permissions, audit logs and field level security to protect the customer's right to data security.

Role-based assignment rules offered by Zoho Desk
 Field-level security in Zoho Desk
Audit logs to track agent activity offered by Zoho Desk

Get a competitive edge

A strong digital platform is crucial for success in the banking industry. This includes customer service and support. Good customer service experiences can be a key differentiator that helps banks retain customers and generate new business from referrals. Zoho Desk offers features like Blueprints, which allow agents to set up workflows for resolving common issues. Sticking to deadlines is crucial in a banking setup; support teams can benefit from setting up service-level agreements with customers to ensure timely assistance.Custom modules in Zoho Desk help banks build modules specific to their business needs, prompting agent productivity.

Build Blueprints in Zoho Desk
Set up service level agreements in Zoho Desk
Create custom modules offered by Zoho Desk

Empower customers with self-service tools

Providing around-the-clock assistance can be difficult, but customers expect support to be available anytime. Banks can utilize help desk software like Zoho Desk to build knowledge bases with helpful guides and articles and establish community forums. Making these self-service channels available empowers customers, reduces wait times, and helps support agents be more efficient. Guided conversations (GC) is another helpful tool. Zoho Desk's low-code, self-service platform enables customers to find solutions by answering a series of relevant questions.

Omnichannel customer support by Zoho Desk

Integrate your tools for a better customer experience

Customer service software is most effective when it can be integrated with other business tools, such as the bank's CRM system. Zoho Desk offers seamless integration with other Zoho apps and third-party apps through its marketplace. These integration capabilities help agents provide contextual support to customers.

Integrations for banks on Zoho Desk
Workmodes by Zoho Desk

Generate insights to support growth

As your customer base grows, demand for support increases. Customer insights and reports help support teams identify opportunities for improvement as they scale. Banks can monitor customer patterns and trends to help identify pain points and provide relevant solutions. Zoho Desk helps banks track key performance indicators with built-in dashboards, Zia predictions, and the ability to create custom dashboards.

Headquarters view in Zoho Desk for insights

The Zoho Desk advantage


increase in first
contact resolution.


faster response


increase in
CSAT score.


reduction in customer
churn rate.

Zoho Desk helps DSB manage our customers' tickets in an orderly and efficient manner. It gives us tools to oversee due dates, track tickets, and do follow-ups if needed. It is also able to create very efficient dashboards for managers. Learn more

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Department Manager, Facilities and Logistics,
DSB Bank

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Frequently asked questions

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What features should we look for in help desk software for the banking sector?

Help desk software makes offering customer support easy and efficient. A suitable solution for a bank must offer a support platform that integrates multiple channels and provides tools for team collaboration, robust data security measures, automation capabilities, and analytical insights to enhance the customer support experience. Zoho Desk offers many features that are beneficial for a banking institution, such as multichannel support, instant messaging, guided conversations, built-in dashboards, and role-based ticket assignment. Learn more

How can a ticketing system assist with regulatory compliance in the banking industry?

Fintech has enabled easier execution of banking transactions but also widened the scope of customer support. Customers now want to use multiple channels to reach out for support. Banks need to maintain compliance with regulations governing data security and other aspects of their operations across all channels. Customer service management software helps banks ensure consistency in their processes to avoid fines and other penalties.

Is cloud-based or on-premises help desk software more suitable for banks?

Most customers tend to stick with those banks that offer exceptional digital banking processes requiring minimal actions to complete a transaction. On-premises help desk software is installed and managed on the company's internal servers. Cloud-based help desk software (such as Zoho Desk) is hosted on the vendor's server and accessed via the internet. The help desk vendor handles the security, updates, and maintenance of the software. The advantages of cost-efficiency, remote accessibility, and scalability make cloud-based help desk software the preferred choice for many banks and financial services companies.

Learn more about Zoho Desk pricing.

How does help desk software integrate with other banking systems and applications?

Banks use multiple business tools in their daily functioning, and Zoho Desk offers the opportunity to integrate their customer support platform with other software, such as a CRM system. Agents can access customer information across platforms, create advanced reports on patterns and trends, and collaborate easily with other teams. This helps them provide prompt contextual support and boost productivity.

How can banks ensure data security when using help desk software?

Customer data at a bank is confidential and important as it can involve details of financial transactions and personally identifiable information (PII). While a support agent may need to access this information to provide contextual support, any data collected from customers needs to be protected.

Zoho Desk offers a secure support platform with role-based ticket assignment that helps create an organization-specific chart to control data viewing and pre-define actions based on profile. It also offers other features such as data sharing rules, field-level security, audit log and a GDPR security compliance certificate. Limiting the access to data within the organization can ensure the safety of confidential information and avoid any security breach.

What training and support options are available for implementing help desk software in a banking environment?

Help desk software includes a variety of tools. To ensure users can take full advantage of the system's capabilities, Zoho Desk offers end-to-end support through in-person training workshops, webinars, and knowledge base articles. Additionally, Zoho Desk provides support through email, phone, and live chat to help with any implementation issues or questions.

Learn more about Zoho Desk support plans.

How does the help desk software enhance customer satisfaction in banking?

Help desk software assists in managing and organizing tickets from various communication channels like SMS, email, phone calls, websites, and social media on a single unified platform. It enables teams to store data, collaborate, automate processes, create custom functions, and resolve tickets efficiently. For a bank, a customer service software solution can provide valuable features like multichannel support, AI chatbots, secure communication, and analytics. This helps support teams deliver timely and relevant responses to customers, enhancing their overall experience.