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I give John the Trailblazer award, for taking over and completely solving the issue at hand.

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  • a frontline colleague
  • a service leader

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  • Mountain Mover
  • Solution Superhero
  • Timely Trailblazer
  • Empathetic Employee
  • Customers First
  • Shoots for the Stars
  • Proactive Partner
  • Resilient in 2020
  • Pillar of Support
  • Knight of Knowledge
  • Straight Arrow
  • Resourceful Rockstar
  • Empathetic Exemplar
  • Pragmatic Pathfinder
  • Virtuous Visionary
  • Beacon of Foresight

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What achievement or gesture of theirs deserved the award?

  • For moving mountains to make us successful
  • For taking over and completely solving the issue at hand
  • For suggesting simple, easy-to-implement solutions
  • For providing proactive support
  • For being patient and taking the time to answer every question
  • For displaying empathy during a difficult situation
  • For listening with the intent to understand
  • For always delivering prompt and reliable support
  • For putting customers ahead of every other priority
  • For building products that speak for themselves
  • For being transparent and truthful with customers
  • For offering thoughtful solutions to real problems
  • For listening to and acting on the customer's input
  • For displaying empathy during a difficult situation
  • For instantly taking charge of a difficult situation
  • For being a powerhouse of practical knowledge
  • For being a joy to collaborate with
  • For having infectious enthusiasm
  • For keeping the team together through thick and thin
  • For going above and beyond the call of duty
  • For setting the right expectations all around
  • For building a resourceful and resilient team
  • For motivating the team through tight spots
  • For showing empathy when it mattered the most
  • For offering help and feedback to grow holistically
  • For setting an exceptional example for the team
  • For making some hard choices during a tricky situation
  • For always giving constructive criticism

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Hi John, Customer Champion,Caring for me like they would for a loved one

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