Empower your customers and service teams by integrating Zoho Desk with OpenAI

Zia powered by ChatGPT will help maximize the potential of self-service in your customer service. By integrating the capabilities of ChatGPT with Zoho Desk, you can maximize your teams' potential and provide your customers with more relevant, convenient, and personalized experiences. Zia now works in Tandem with ChatGPT and is available as an early access feature under Zia Settings.

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Here's how we can help you:

  • Integrate through a simple interface
  • Available in Standard edition and above for US DC
  • Create efficient and effective agent experiences
  • Achieve shortest resolution time
  • Stay updated with latest tech and maximize your team's potential

Respond to messages faster

Fast resolution times are crucial to the success of your customer service operation. To facilitate quick responses, Zia helps Desk users understand long incoming messages with convenient and accurate summaries. This helps service agents save time and expedite responses, so customers experience prompt resolutions.

Respond to messages faster

Detect the tone of incoming tickets

In customer service, there is no single right way for agents to respond to incoming tickets. Everyday, agents deal with customers experiencing a wide range of emotions. Zia helps service agents understand customer sentiment by detecting the tone of incoming tickets. This can help service teams respond with appropriate empathy and understand the customer's needs better.

Detect the tone of incoming tickets

Fetch contextual information from the Knowledge Base

Your help desk's Knowledge Base feature helps you maintain an archive of useful and relevant information for your customers. Zia can quickly retrieve articles from your KB and consolidate them into relevant replies.

Key advantages

Zia will prove to be an effective game changer in the way service teams work. This will help take off the major load by minimizing respective tasks for the agents and create opportunities to focus deeper on issues and offer better customer experiences. Take advantage of this integration for faster response rates, better agent experience, quick resolution and overall enhanced ticket management.

Make the most out of interactive reply assistance with Zia!

  • No credit card required.
  • No software to download.