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Send SMS using SMS-Magic

Note: This task is applicable only to Zoho Creator.


The smsmagic.sms.send task is used to send messages through your SMS-Magic account using Deluge. For example, imagine you have a Zoho Creator application to track your inventory. You can use this task to send SMS notification to the specified phone number through your SMS-Magic account, whenever your inventory runs low on stock.


<variable> = smsmagic.sms.send(<smsmagic_connection>, <to_number><message>);


ParameterData typeDescription



is the variable which will hold the response returned by SMS-Magic.



is the name of the SMS-Magic connection.



is the phone number to which the message must be sent.

The phone number must be in the format: +<country_code><phone_number>


Contents of the message.

Send an SMS using SMS-Magic

The following snippet when executed sends the specified message to the specified number. 

response = smsmagic.sms.send("Smsmagic", "+91XXXXXXXXXX", "Thank you for subscribing");


"Smsmagic"is the name of the SMS-Magic Connection
"+91XXXXXXXXXX"is the phone number to which the message will be sent
"Thank you for subscribing"is the message which will be sent
responseis response returned as KEY-VALUE by SMS-Magic

Response Format

Following is a sample success response returned by SMS-Magic:


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