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Send SMS using Hoiio

Note: This task is applicable only to Zoho Creator.


The hoiio.sms.send task is used to send messages through your Hoiio account using Deluge. For example, imagine you have a Zoho Creator application to track your inventory. You can use this task to send SMS notification to the specified phone number through your Hoiio account, whenever your inventory runs low on stock.


<variable> = hoiio.sms.send(<hoiio_connection>, <to_number><message>);


ParameterData typeDescription



is the variable which will hold the response returned by Hoiio.



is the name of the Hoiio connection.



is the phone number to which the message must be sent.

The phone number must be in the format: +<country_code><phone_number>


Contents of the message

Send an SMS using Hoiio

The following snippet when executed sends the specified message to the specified number. 

response = hoiio.sms.send("Hoiio", "+91XXXXXXXXXX", "Thank you for subscribing");


"Hoiio"is the name of the Hoiio Connection
"+91XXXXXXXXXX"is the phone number to which the message will be sent
"Thank you for subscribing"is the message which will be sent
responseis response returned as KEY-VALUE by Hoiio

Response Format

Following is a sample success response returned by Hoiio:


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